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What Is A Charger Plate? Uses, Etiquette, and More!

Dec 21st 2022 - Monica Cunanan

What Is A Charger Plate? Uses, Etiquette, and More!

Charger plates enhance exquisite dinner settings. Not only are they useful, but these elegant centerpieces also give style while changing and protecting your tabletop. Read on to find out more about including how to use them, etiquettes, and more!

What Is A Charger Plate?

A charger plate often referred to as a service plate or underplate is a beautiful foundation setting used at weddings, banquets, or fine dining places throughout each course of the meal. Each course is put on top of the charger plate. Before visitors are seated, chargers are presented on tables in a tidy manner. Once everyone has finished their main entrees, the servers take the chargers away from the table.

Uses Of A Charger Plate?

Charger plates are mostly recognized for giving restaurants or catering services a classy option to serve many meals. This also enhances the look of the dining table. But for a variety of reasons, underplates are frequently utilized during formal functions. Here are a few uses of a charger plate:

  • Creating a sophisticated ambiance: Restaurant charger plates contribute to the mood. For instance, setting attractive underplates with empty wine glasses encourages clients to request a glass of wine while creating the atmosphere of a cozy and sophisticated supper.
  • Protect table from stains: Compared to appetizer and dinner plates, underplates are larger. They are able to catch food fragments and avert spillage that could damage tablecloths or stains them.
  • To keep food warm: Chargers are positioned just behind plates to help keep food warm. Additionally, they shield tables from being burned by hot bowls or plates.

How to Use Charger Plates

You may want some clarification on how to utilize a charger plate if you're unfamiliar with the idea. Follow these guidelines to use a charger plate correctly:

  • Select a charger plate that will fit your theme and the overall aesthetic. Make sure to choose a charger that will balance the styles of the plates, bowls, beverage glasses, flatware, serving platters, and linens that you intend to use. Make sure to it also fits the centerpieces, floral arrangements, fabric overlays, and tablecloth that will be put next to the charger plates. There are many colorful chargers with colorful bases that you can choose from to execute this.
  • Each visitor's corresponding place setting should have a charger and place it above the tablecloth or placemat, between the flatware that is set out, and beneath the drink glasses. To offer guests ample room to move around comfortably, chargers should be placed two feet apart.
  • Synchronize the tabletop decor: Place name cards, napkins with napkin rings, or menu cards on the center of the charger plate
  • Serve your visitors: Soup bowls, salad plates, and dinner entrees are placed right on top of the charger. This is done before the guests arrive.
  • Keep your charger plate clean: To keep the table clean between courses, charger plates should be cleaned or changed.

What Sets A Charger Plate Apart From A Dinner Plate?

A serving platter is bigger than a charger plate, which is smaller than a dinner plate and at premium restaurants and formal events, chargers are part of the place settings. Typically, they serve as a decorative base setting for plates and bowls and they usually include coatings that improve their aesthetics but render them unfit for contact with direct food contact to food safety reasons.

Charger Plate Etiquettes

There are some formalities you should follow when using charger plates because they are employed as decorative table accents and are typically used on formal occasions. At any luxury catered event, wedding event, fine dining establishment, special event, or formal dinner party, observe these precise etiquette guidelines while using charger plates.

  • Charger plates should be accessorized and available when guests arrive, so plan ahead.
  • Chargers are always taken from the table once everyone has finished their main dish. Once visitors finish eating, chargers should be removed while the dinner plate is still on it before serving dessert.
  • Understand when to remove charger plates from the table: Chargers can be taken away once all guests have been seated, or they can be left there for the duration of the dinner.
  • These are the recommended placement guidelines:
  • For precise alignment, space charger plates one inch from the table's bottom edge.
  • Avoid direct contact: Never serve food directly on top of it and avoid contact with food. Unless, of course, it is also food safe.

Features of a Charger Plate

To decide whether the charger plate you've picked is ideal for you, ask yourself the following questions:

Is it safe for dishwashers? For easier cleanup after service, choose charger plates that can go in the dishwasher.

Does it protect the environment? By selecting sustainable alternatives, you can make sure that your business takes the necessary actions to have a beneficial impact on the environment. sustainable charger plates

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Other Uses

Chargers are frequently employed in the food service sector to hold appetizers or dinner plates, but many businesses have been inventive and have discovered additional uses for them. Here are some additional ways to use beautiful charger plates in your company:

Use the charger plate as a platter for passed appetizers or desserts by placing a doily on top of it.

Put floral centerpieces on top of the charger to be included in a table setting as a centerpiece item.

To brighten the space, place pillar candles on the charger dish. You can put this in the middle of the tables as table accessories or by the event's entrance.

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