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The World’s First Commercial Sabbath Refrigerator

Mar 1st 2019 - J. Vigotsky Blog, 

The World’s First Commercial Sabbath Refrigerator

Sabbath Mode equipment make it easier than ever to comply with Jewish law. And while Sabbath-friendly appliances like ovens, lamps, and refrigerators have long-been available for at-home use, restaurants have recently gotten in on the market. Today, kosher commercial kitchens are often outfitted with ranges, ovens, and warming drawers that are equipped with a Sabbath Mode feature. And thanks to our recent collaboration with Traulsen, kosher kitchens will now for the first time ever have access to commercial Sabbath refrigerators and freezers. If you want to learn about what makes this Shabbos friendly equipment so perfect for kosher kitchens, then just keep reading.

Internal Timed Clocks

internal clock

These Sabbath Mode freezers and refrigerators keep track of time so you don’t have to. At exactly 2pm on Friday, the units enter Sabbath Mode. This lasts until 10pm on Saturday, when your refrigeration units will exit Sabbath Mode and resume normal functioning.

Sabbath Mode

dark refrigerator

So what happens to your refrigeration equipment when it enters Sabbath mode? The first thing is its electronic display will turn off to comply with Jewish law. Next, the unit’s internal lighting system will disengage. This means that if you open your refrigerator’s door to get some food, the unit’s internal lights will still remain off.

Combats Power Outages

power outage

If a Shabbat-friendly freezer or refrigerator loses power during the Sabbath, it will remain in Sabbath Mode when powering up again. The internal timed clock will not be reset, and the unit will still adhere to Jewish law.

Manual Activation/Deactivation

manual activation

Since the units clock initiates Sabbath Mode at 2pm on Friday and ends Sabbath at 10pm on Saturday, there’s a chance you might need to override the system. After all, depending on what time of year it is, these times can be much different from the actual sunset. To ensure easy use, this unit enables you to manually activate and deactivate Sabbath Mode so that it conforms to your specific needs.

Developing these Sabbos friendly refrigerators and  freezers was not an overnight process. In fact, it took several months. From concept to completion, we collaborated with Traulsen to ensure everything was perfect. When all was said and done, Rabbi Tavi Ortner, the CRC, and the Orthodox Union unanimously approved of the Sabbath mode freezers and refrigerators.  

These commercial Sabbath Mode refrigeration units are currently available exclusively through Culinary Depot. Any Traulsen G-Series freezer or refrigerator can be made Sabbath-friendly at no extra cost. If you have any questions about these units, please call or email us.