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How to Properly Clean Bunn Ultra 2 Frozen Granita/ Slushy

Jun 23rd 2022 - Monica Cunanan

How to Properly Clean Bunn Ultra 2 Frozen Granita/ Slushy

The Bunn Ultra 2 is a gourmet ice system for beverages and slushies that is designed for commercial use. This slush machine has a touch LED screen display that helps you perform preventive maintenance.

It may seem difficult and complicated to clean your Bunn Ultra 2 slushee machine. This blog is here to help! This walk you through the process, step by step as we disassemble and clean a Bunn Ulta 2 slushee maker.

How to Clean a Bunn Ultra2

How often should I Clean my Bunn Ultra2?

Daily cleaning is recommended wherein you take it apart every day after use. You can program your machine to remind you every two weeks or every month to clean it out regularly and avoid any contaminants from dripping down into your slushie. To ensure that you do not have a dirty filter, make sure to get it cleaned every 30 days.

Also, consult the product manufacturer's manual for more detailed information.

Steps to Clean a Bunn Ultra 2

  1. Drain Beverage & Switch Off Machine
    • Turn cooling to OFF selection.
    • Turn auger to OFF selection.
    • Disconnect the hopper lid lamp cord(s) and make sure to remove the lids. *If models have autofill, disconnect fill hoses and level probe from the hopper.
  2. Depress the hopper lock plunger and lift the hopper up slightly. After that, you may now pull forward to remove.
  3. Pull the auger from the cooling drum
  4. Remove the cooling drum seal from the rear of the drum.
  5. Take Precaution! The faucet valve is under spring tension which can hurt you. To reduce the tension, spread one side of the handle first, then the other, and disconnect from the hopper
  6. Make sure to carefully slide the faucet valve up to remove the spring and faucet seal. Extra care should be taken when handling the seal to prevent damage. Do not fold the seal as this will cause damage to the Teflon® sealing surface.
  7. Remove the auger nose bushing from inside the hopper and disassemble the machine for cleaning. Ensure that you are careful with the surfaces during cleaning. Deep scratches could cause leakage around the seal.
  8. Use a sanitizer solution to clean the parts 


    • Place all parts in a clean sink with mild warm water (120°F) and a sanitizer solution.
    • Allow all parts to soak for at least 5 minutes. Carefully wash all components with a clean washcloth in the hot water and sanitizer solution.
    • Use a clean, soft bristle brush as needed for the smaller components and tight areas.
    • Do not immerse hopper lids.
    • Use a commercial sanitizer with 100 ppm of available chlorine with a concentration level of at least 3% (KAY-5 Sanitizer). 
    • Follow the sanitizer’s mixing instructions to ensure 100 ppm of available chlorine.
  9. Wash the drums, hopper drip trays, top covers, and outer enclosure using a clean washcloth that has been dampened in the hot water and sanitizer solution. Pay particular attention to the shaft area and make sure it is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
  10. Rinse all surfaces with a clean, damp washcloth. Wipe dry with a clean dry washcloth before reassembling the dispenser

Preventive Maintenance

Bunn 58000.0015.

Not only do you want to have your beverage machine clean at all times, but you would also want to avoid any complications that can increase maintenance costs. Preventive maintenance should be performed regularly. This should also be performed by a qualified service technician.

Cycle (months) Item to be Replaced
Every 6 months Replace the hopper drum seal.
Every 6 months Replace the faucet seal.
Every 6 months Inspect auger shaft for abnormal wear.
Every 6 months Replace the auger nose bushing. Be careful of the auger design and how you will displace this.
Every 6 months Replace the cooling drum seal.
Every 6 months Lubricate the motor shaft and motor shaft groove.
Monthly Clean condenser air filter.
Every 6 months or as needed. Clean condenser coil.
Every 6 months or as needed. Inspect and clean the condenser fan. Inspect, clean, or replace the hopper tray drain tubes.

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