Learn How to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew In Genius Ways!

Dec 27th 2022 - Monica Cunanan

Learn How to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew In Genius Ways!

As a discriminating wine consumer, you will undoubtedly need to learn how to open a wine bottle without a bottle opener. Apparently, the challenge with wine is remembering to bring a corkscrew. Read this guide for some simple techniques on how to open your favorite wine without a corkscrew or if you don't have a wine opener at hand.

How to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew

Using a Long Screw

Although it may be one of the safer techniques on this list, it does call for some fortitude and stamina because it can quickly wear you out. Simply use a screwdriver to insert a screw—preferably a large one—into the cork until only a few millimeters are exposed. The cork is then removed by taking the back of the hammer and locking it under the screw.

Using a Hanger

This approach is really simple, but you'll have to say goodbye to one of your wire hangers because you won't be using it to hang clothing any longer.

  • First, bend the hanger's tip backward by about 30 degrees so that it resembles a fish hook
  • Insert the wire beside the wine cork into the closed wine bottle and adjust the wire so that the hook is below the cork by rotating it 90 degrees.
  • To release the synthetic cork, simply raise the wire. If the hanger appears stuck, try pliers or other tools from around the house to pull on it. Just make careful to protect yourself by wearing gloves or a towel.

Open a Wine Bottle Using a Shoe

This shoe method is comparable to the earlier one, although it carries a bit less dangerous.

  • Start by wrapping the bottom of the wine bottle in a towel.
  • Sit there with it upside down and smack it with your flat shoe.
  • Keep in mind to stop before the cork completely pops out to avoid creating a mess and leaving behind permanent stains.

Open a Wine Bottle Using a string

This approach will be helpful if you're in a tight spot and still have access to a toolbox.

  • Make a small hole in the cork with a screwdriver. It can require some hard work!
  • Tie a big knot at one end of the string.
  • Use the screwdriver to press the knot through the cork.
  • The knot should be easy to remove once it has wrapped around the opposite end of the cork.

Cork crumbs could break off and end up in the expensive wine, making for a less-than-appetizing glass of wine. Similar to the push technique, just strain the wine and serve it in a decanter to avoid bits of cork.

Using Heat

This option is pretty far out, but it really does work and you can use a blowtorch or lighter.

  • Apply heat to the neck of the wine bottle right below the cork. The heat should force the cork to move upward and eventually out of the bottle.
  • However, make sure the bottle is not cold, or else it could explode from the rapid change in temperature so if your bottle is already refrigerated, let it rest in a lukewarm environment for a while before applying heat.

Using Scissors

This technique uses only common household items that you probably already have, making it incredibly simple to open the bottle.

  • Insert one of the scissors' blades into the cork's middle. Take care to avoid hurting yourself!
  • Gently twist the pair of scissors' handles after the blade has been fully inserted.
  • Pull upward. Do this twisting to remove the cork from the bottle.

Using a Bike Pump

This one is very easy.

  • Take a bike pump with a needle attached
  • Push it all the way through the cork until it touches the space between the cork and the wine. The bottle should then be inflated.
  • The cork should begin to slowly come loose as you pump.

Using Keys or a Serrated Knife

  • Plunge your keys or a serrated knife into the cork. Do this key method at a 45-degree angle
  • Move the top of the item in a circle, essentially twisting the cork out slowly.
  • After a couple of rotations, the cork should come out and make sure you really get your item into the cork. This is to avoid your cork from crumbling.

Using a Towel

Take caution because this is the point on the list where things start to become a little risky. The other two solutions required at least one tool, but if you're short on supplies, this one might be your best bet.

  • Cover the wine bottle's bottom in a thick towel (or two, just to be safe)
  • Repeatedly thwack it against a wall.

If you do this, the bottle might break. So think of it as a last resort. Do not utilize all of your force because you won't be able to remove the cork from the bottle the first time. Instead, repeatedly lightly tap the bottle against the wall to gradually remove the cork.

Using a Wooden Spoon, or Any Blunt Object

Comparatively speaking to some of the other methods on our list, this one is also rather safe to employ, but it is not without drawbacks.

  • Take the wooden spoon's handle (or another similar instrument) and
  • Press the cork into the wine bottle to open it.

Be warned! Once the cork is inserted, it is nearly impossible to take it out of the bottle. Additionally, if the wine bottle is old, the cork may fall apart and shed into the drink after being inserted. Even while this is not the best outcome, there is no need to be concerned if you are drinking the entire bottle with pals. Simply use a strainer and transfer the wine through it into a decanter to get rid of the cork fragments.