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How to Choose the Best Food Delivery Bags For Your Business

Sep 21st 2022 - Monica Cunanan

How to Choose the Best Food Delivery Bags For Your Business

Online food ordering has become increasingly popular because of the convenience and ease of use offered by smartphone apps. As digital technologies advance and online food delivery services become increasingly popular, the challenge of delivering food in perfect condition has never been more important. Therefore, it makes sense that one of the first things you need to think about when starting up a new restaurant is the type of food delivery bag you use.

The Types of Food Delivery Bags

Here, we highlight some common types of deliveries and list which bags and feature sets might benefit your business. If you're not sure of what kind of service your company offers, read on to find out the differences among them and determine which one best fits your needs.

  • Nylon
  • Vinyl
  • Cooler. bags
  • Pizza bags
  • Food Pan Catering Bags

Model featured: Cambro GoBag Pizza Bag

How to Choose the Best One

As the world becomes increasingly connected through digital technology and online ordering platforms, the challenge of ensuring that the quality of delivered meals remains high has become even more important.

Here are things you should think about when choosing a delivery bag for your business:

Bag Insulation

Hot and fresh foods have always been an important factor for restaurants and catering businesses, but delivering them that way has become even more critical today. Therefore, if you want to ensure that your customers' meals arrive at their homes hot and fresh, they must be kept warm during transport by insulating them properly.

The food delivery bag is usually insulated with these materials:

  1. Aluminum foil: keeps your food warm by reflecting heat away.
  2. Closed cell foam: Heat conduction and convection both affect the two forms of heat exchange. It creates tiny bubbles which inhibit airflow between them, thus preventing heat transfer by conduction.
  3. Corrugated plastic: It’s made from strong fibers which makes it lightweight and its insulation properties. Corrugated plastic has the effect of affecting both heat conduction and convective heat loss by acting as an insulator. It works on the basis that air is a poor conductor of heat and so acts as an insulation layer between the interior and exterior of the bag. It also separates the inside of the balloon into smaller sections so that heat transfer cannot be effective.
  4. Expanded Foam: an extra protective lining that adds a nice touch to the bags' appearance and makes them easier to clean.

Fabrics Used for Exterior

Bags need protection from harsh weather conditions, whether they're exposed to rain or snow, sunshine or winds. The outside fabric has an important role to play here. So, the material needs to be both waterproof and water-resistant so the bags don't become too heavy. Hydrophobicity is an important factor when choosing fabrics for bags. All the seams, zippers, stitching, and fabrics should be treated so that no water gets into the bag.

Modular Design and Adaptability

By delivering multiple items at once, the business increases its delivery capacity and returns. Therefore, the bags should be capable of accommodating dividers/shelf space and for better organizing the contents within the bags. This will help your shipping department to deliver more orders faster.

Besides the internal shelf and the external heating element, the bag can have an internal heated compartment for keeping things warm. It's easy to set up and easy to use.

Heated bags keep food warm longer. This add-on works well for restaurants that want a heated solution for some of their dishes. So, the bags can hold both cold and hot meals at once, making them modular.

The internal cold compartment works just like the internal heated bag except that it keeps cold things cold alongside hot things during delivery.

Model Featured: Vollrath VTBW5P00

Type of Food Delivery Services

There are different kinds of food delivery service providers. The type of business often can affect what types of bags are best for you.

In-House Delivery

Restaurateurs often provide their own delivery services for customers who don't want to eat at the restaurant itself. It's a great way to expand your customer pool and grow your business. And, restaurants that use their own delivery service keep 100% of the profit from each order they deliver. They also retain complete control over every aspect of delivering orders. Consider these things when choosing which delivery bags are best for your food.

  • Delivering meals involves multiple trips, so food needs to be kept warm or cool for a longer period of time.
  • Because the restaurant is providing the bags, costs might not be as high as they would be if each driver had to purchase his/her own.
  • Restaurants can purchase bags specifically designed for their types of take-out containers, whether they're pizzas or sandwich wraps.

Restaurants must invest in heavy-duty insulated delivery bags that are suitable for everyday commercial use. Nylon bags may help restaurants deliver food to a larger distance because they allow steam to dissipate and keep food from becoming too wet.

Third-Party Services

Services such as Grubhub, DoorDash, and UberEats provide food delivery to consumers at a cost. It can relieve some of the stress for local restaurants by allowing them to focus on creating delicious meals instead of worrying about hiring delivery staff.

  • Food is delivered straight to the consumer without any delays.
  • Drivers may need to purchase their own insulated bags and will be looking for the cheapest option.
  • A driver who has serves multiple restaurants may need a container suitable for a wide range of foods and packaging materials including styrofoam, pizza boxes, and soup cups.

We recommend using a nylon-insulated delivery bag if you're delivering food items that require long waiting periods. However, if you're delivering food products that need less time to be delivered, then we suggest using a cheaper option such as a vinyl delivery bag. They're good for short trips while staying within your budget. Furthermore, workers should choose large, open bags that can carry any kind of takeaway container.

Catering Delivery

Caterers usually provide ready-to-eat foods at social gatherings. It’s particularly important to maintain cold foods cold and hot foods hot because kitchen facilities and accommodations on-site might be limited.

  • More food is transported to catered parties at once, usually in vehicles with limited space.
  • Bags must be able to carry sheet pans, trays, and other large vessels used to transport foods.
  • Large, heavy items need to be insulated so they don't get damaged during transport.

Food service providers will need to invest in heavy-duty nylon bags designed to carry a large amount of food. Catering companies need to keep their equipment ready for any type of weather condition by using insulated delivery bags. For storing and transporting large amounts of cooked foods, we suggest using a top loading sheet pan bag and caterer tray.

Insulated food storage bags keep your foods safe from heat and cold. Including a delivery service for your restaurant opens up an entirely new source of revenue, which makes it both profitable and rewarding. Find the right bag for your needs without breaking your wallet.