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Different Types of Pizza Pans: Their Uses, and more

Aug 11th 2022 - Monica Cunanan

Different Types of Pizza Pans: Their Uses, and more

Pizzas and pizza lovers have become so popular that they can now be found in pizza trucks, pizza shops, coffee houses, bars, and restaurants across the globe. To get the perfect pizza, you need to understand the different types of pizza pans, their sizes and shapes, their thicknesses and surfaces, their materials, and how to keep these things in the best condition possible.

What Are The Various Types of Pizza Pans?

  • Pizza Stones

  • Deep Dish Pizza Pans
  • Pizza Screens and Disk
  • Cast Iron Pizza Pans
  • Cutter / CAR Pizza Pans
  • Regular (Coupe) Pizza Pan
  • Wide Rim Pizza Pans

Different Types of Pizza Pans

Pizzas come in a wide range of shapes and pizza pan sizes, which deliver different flavors. The kind of pizza you want to offer determines which type of pizza pan you need for your business.

Pizza Stones

A pizza stone has several advantages over a pizza pan. They produce crispier crust. Ceramic or cordierite stone mimics the cooking process of stone oven pizzas by absorbing excess moisture from the dough, making the crispy pizza as it cooks.

The traditional Pizza:

Pizza baked in an oven made from bricks or stones is usually cooked on bricks or hot stones. Due to the high temperatures required to bake pizza using a wood-fired oven, metal pizza pans are not suitable because they could warp.

Model Featured: American Metalcraft STONE14

Deep Dish Pans

Deep-dish pizza pans have these features:

  • They are distinguishable due to their High metal walls.
  • They come in round and square shapes.
  • There are aluminum, nonstick, and stainless steel versions of these pans.
  • They are versatile enough to use in any commercial oven for making pizzas.

Model Featured: Vollrath 6716CC

Pizza Screens and Disks

Pizza screens help your pizzas cook faster. If you want to get the most out of your pizza baking experience, use a conveyor pizza oven for baking your pizzas. Because of the pizza maker's mesh bottom, heat easily transfers through the mesh to the dough. It's the best pizza pan for making crispier pizzas, and perfect for creating thin-crust pizzas.

Model Featured:  Omcan USA 44553

Cast Iron Pizza Pans

Cast iron pans are versatile; they can be used on the barbecue, in the oven, underneath the broiler, and on the stovetop. The raised edge on a cast iron pan provides the structure for the edges of the pizza dough. Cast iron pans are heavy but they're a good choice for baking pizzas.

Model Featured: Lodge BW15PP 15

Cutter / CAR Pizza Pan

 Omcan USA 20225

Because of their forgiving shape, cutter / CAR pans allow you to use rolled or sheeted pizza dough to make your pizza. These pans aid in lifting up the doughy edges of the doughier crust because of the curved edge shape the pan holds. These pans are also suitable for any commercial convection oven.

Model Featured: Omcan USA 20225

Coupe Pizza Pan

Most pizza ovens are made out of either aluminum or hard coated anodized aluminum for extra durability. They're durable enough to be used in a commercial kitchen. A coupe pizza pan allows pizza cooks to bake pizzas, slice them up, and serve them at one time. The coupe pan is highly durable, simple, and easy to clean.

Model Featured: American Metalcraft HCCTP10

Wide Rim Pizza Pans

Very similar to a regular or coupe pizza pan, the wide rim pizza pan is most often used for service and presentation. The extra room offered by wide-rim pizza pans makes handling and slicing pizza a breeze. Aluminum wide-rim pizza pans can be baked in the oven and also used to serve customers at their tables.

Model Featured: American Metalcraft HCTP13

How to Get Pizza Crust Crispy

Pizza screens have perforations that allow the air and heat to circulate the dough as it bakes, resulting in an evenly-cooked, crispy crust.

Different Kinds of Pizza Pan Surface Styles

The pan surface has a big impact on the amount of air flow and heat distribution that is provided to the pizza dough as they cook in the pizza oven. The presence of holes in the pans makes a big difference in how crisp the crust is.

Solid Pizza Pans

They're the most common type of nonstick pizza pan. It takes a longer time for the heat to transfer from the bottom of the oven to the top of the oven resulting in a doughy crust rather than a crisp one.

Nibbed Pizza Pans

A pizza pan with small bumps on its surface has small bumps on its surface. It helps with the overall airflow under the crust. A nonstick pizza pan helps speed up the cooking time for pizza dough and gives the crust a crisper texture than a regular solid pan.

Perforated Pizza Pans

These pizza pans have small holes in them so they distribute heat evenly across the surface of the dough. They also make the baking time much shorter.

Super Perforated Pizza Pans

A superperforated pizza pan is similar to a regular perforated pizza pan except for having larger holes to allow more air into the oven. It helps shorten baking time and makes the crust crisper than other pans.

Variety of Pizza Pan Coatings

Dark Coated Pizza Pans vs. Light Coated Pizza Pans

Darker finishes have better heat retention than lighter ones, so they bake faster. A lighter pan will reflect heat instead of absorbing it, which will slow things down.

Anodized Hard Coated Pizza Pans

These pizza pans have an anti-corrosion anodic oxide coating that won't chip off. With an anodized hard coated pan, you can expect the bake time for pizzas to be shorter than with regular nonstick pans.

Silicone Glazed Pizza Pans

Silicone glaze pots are special because they're made by applying silicone glaze to a pot instead of just having a hard coating. It reduces sticking so you don't need nearly as much oil to coat the pan. Silicone glaze pizza pans do require seasoning before they're used for the first time.

Uncoated Pizza Pans

Pans that are coated with nonstick coating are the heaviest in color and will require less time for cooking because they don't reflect heat back into the oven. You must season uncoated pans before using them for the first time.

Need Pizza-Making Supplies?

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