How Old Do You Have to be to Serve Alcohol?

    serving alcohol


    Violating alcohol-related laws carry stiff penalties—especially for owners of bars and restaurants. Consequently, it’s in the best interest of both you and your business to know and diligently follow all laws related to the consumption and distribution of alcohol. This article will answer the all-important question, “How old do you have to be to serve alcohol?”

    Unlike the national minimum drinking age, there is no widespread age requirement for serving alcohol. The minimum age depends on what state you’re in and can even differ within the same state. Here is the minimum legal age one needs to be to serve alcohol in each of the respective 50 U.S. states:


    State Minumum Age 
    Alabama 19
    Alaska 21
    Arizona 19
    Arkansas 19
    California 18
    Colorado 18
    Connecticut 18
    Delaware 18
    Washington DC 18
    Florida 18
    Georgia 18
    Hawaii 18
    Idaho 19
    Illinois* 18
    Indiana 19
    Iowa 18
    Kansas 18
    Kentucky 19
    Louisiana 18
    Massachusetts 18
    Maine 17
    Maryland 18
    Michigan 18
    Minnesota 18
    Mississippi 18
    Missouri 18
    Montana 18
    Nebraska 19
    Nevada 21
    New Hampshire 18
    New Jersey 18
    New York 18
    New Mexico 19
    North Carolina 18
    Ohio 19
    Oklahoma 18
    Oregon 18
    Pennsylvania 18
    Rhode Island 18
    South Carolina 18
    South Dakota 18
    Tennessee 18
    Texas 18
    Utah 21
    Vermont 18
    Virginia 18
    Washington 18
    West Virginia 18
    Wisconsin 18
    Wyoming 18


    So in the majority of states, the minimum serving age for alcohol is 18. Utah, Nevada, and Alaska require servers to be 21 years of age, while Maine allows 17 year-olds to serve alcoholic beverages. While these age minimums seem cut and dry, they're not quite so simple. Each state has specific quirks when it comes to selling alcohol.

    For instance, 18 year-olds in Texas are allowed to serve alcohol only if they’ve completed an alcohol server/seller training course. Due to a local ordinance in the city of Chicago, one must be 21 years of age to serve alcohol. This is despite Illinois' state law requiring servers to only be 18. Other states require someone over 21 to be supervising 18 year-olds who serve alcohol.

    To stay on the safe side, always research your own city’s laws before allowing someone under 21 to serve alcohol in your establishment. 

    How Long Does it Take to Deep Fry a Turkey?

    deep fried turkey


    While roasting turkey in an oven is certainly the most traditional method, deep frying is becoming an increasingly popular alternative. Resulting in an extremely moist turkey that possesses delicious, crispy skin, deep frying is a cooking method that every serious chef should be well-versed in. This article will cover some important deep frying guidelines and also answer the question, “How long does it take to deep fry a turkey?”

    We’ll start with how long it takes to deep fry a turkey. The answer: it depends. Variables like the size of your turkey and the heat at which the turkey is being deep fried both have an effect on how long it takes. Turkeys that weigh between 10 and 13 pounds should be fried 3 minutes per pound, while turkeys that weigh between 14 and 20 pounds should be deep fried for 3.5 minutes per pound. Here is a detailed, easy-to-read chart that simplifies the math:


    Weight Time to Cook  
    10 Lbs. 30 minutes
    11 Lbs. 33 minutes
    12 Lbs. 36 minutes
    13 Lbs. 39 minutes
    14 Lbs. 49 minutes
    15 Lbs. 52.5 minutes
    16 Lbs. 56 minutes
    17 Lbs. 59.5 minutes
    18 Lbs. 63 minutes
    19 Lbs. 66.5 minutes
    20 Lbs. 70 minutes












    Some important guidelines:

    • Make sure that a turkey is totally thawed and completely dry prior to frying. It should have an empty cavity and be injected with a marinade for best results. Ideally, this marinade should be injected evenly throughout the turkey, and the turkey should be left to marinate in the refrigerator overnight.  
    • To be certain that the turkey is thoroughly cooked, confirm that its internal temperature is between 180-190°F.
    • After the turkey has finished frying, let it sit for 10-20 minutes before carving it.
    • It takes roughly 3 hours for the fryer’s oil to completely cool down. The oil can be used re-used twice more, but it starts to break down after its third use.

    The pleasure of consuming a mouth-watering deep fried turkey await you. Be sure to check back for other tips related to cooking, nutrition, and the foodservice industry. 

    Farm to Table Dining – Everything You Need to Know

    Farm to Table Dining – Everything You Need to Know


    What is Farm-to-Table?


    farm to table


    The farm-to-table movement is a socially conscious practice by which restaurants receive food from small local farms as opposed to large corporations. Significantly increasing in popularity during the last 15 years, a farm-to-table approach offers restaurant owners a multitude of benefits:


    Fresher Food


    fresher food


    When produce travels hundreds or even thousands of miles to a destination, it’s often harvested prematurely to prevent spoilage during the long trip. While this process helps ensure the food arrives in adequate condition, it also means vegetables won’t be as fresh and fruits won’t taste as flavorful. Soups and sauces lack the delicious punch of produce that’s ripened completely prior to harvesting. But with farm-to-table restaurants, produce is allowed to ripen entirely on a vine or in the ground—resulting in better-tasting fruits and vegetables.


    Environmentally Friendly


    environmentally friendly


    Large corporate farms often utilize 18-wheel trucks to transport food all over the country. Leaving trails of diesel emissions in their wake, these trucks are predictably not so great for the environment. Farm-to-table restaurants combat this issue by receiving food directly from local farms, which are just a short drive away. This local relationship leads to less pollution and an improved outlook for the environment.  






    Receiving meat and produce from local family farms helps support the local economy. This is in stark contrast to getting food from a large corporation that’s potentially located across the country.


    Animal Treatment


    animal treatment


    A significant criticism of corporate factory farms is their inhumane treatment of animals. Receiving meat from local family-owned farms can help quell concerns regarding the animals’ living conditions. As opposed to large corporations that are driven by mass profit, local farmers are more likely to treat their animals humanely by feeding them proper food and providing adequate housing.


    A Brighter Future


    brighter future


    Proper soil maintenance is crucial to ensuring farm land remains fertile for years to come. While money-driven corporate farms make little effort to rotate crops, practice seed diversity, and promote biodiversity, local family farms are more likely to engage in these sustainable farming practices.

    Many farm-to-table restaurants feature seasonal menus that enable to farmers to cycle crops, which helps keep soil tilth healthy enough for long-term crop growth. Local farmers are also less likely to use pesticides, further improving the future prospects of a farm’s fertility. While they might not seem like such a big deal now, these practices will keep farms useable for our children and grandchildren.

    7 Foods and Drinks That'll Keep You Warm During the Cold Winter Weather

    7 Foods and Drinks That Will Keep You Warm During the Cold Weather


    With temperatures dipping below 0°F throughout much of the United States, people are doing whatever they can to stay warm. While hot showers and sitting by roaring fireplaces are great ways to increase your body temperature, you can also do so by eating certain foods and drinking specific beverages. The following list contains 7 foods and drinks that will help keep you warm during the cold winter weather.


    Brown Rice


    brown rice


    The digestion of brown rice will also lead to an uptick in warmth for your body. The complex carbohydrates found in brown rice require significant effort to digest and are metabolized relatively slowly. This means an eater’s body will be working hard for longer periods of time, which results in a warmer core body temperature. Other complex carbs like quinoa, potatoes, and lentils can also help you feel warmer, but simple carbs such as white rice and pasta aren’t nearly as helpful.


    Ice Cream


    ice cream warm up


    Maybe the last food you’d expect to see on this list, ice cream will heat you up so long as you can deal with the food’s initial chill. Similar to complex carbohydrates, the fat packed into ice cream takes more time and energy to digest than most foods. Time spent digesting the fat is time your body spends working and expelling energy. When your body uses energy to digest, you’ll naturally get warmer.


    Coconut Oil


    coconut oil


    Chock-full of healthy HDL cholesterol, coconut oil will increase your internal temperature and can be consumed in a wide range of ways. To seamlessly implement coconut oil into your diet, you can use it as salad dressing, granola topping, or even cooking oil. Offering brown rice cooked in coconut oil is one sure-fire way to heat up your customers. And if you don’t want to integrate coconut oil into any of your dishes, you can always offer a spoonful on the house. Coconut oil has a variety of other health benefits that make it even more appealing.






    This root packs a spicy punch, but it’s the effect ginger has on your circulation system that makes it a great remedy for cold weather. By improving your blood flow and circulation, ginger increases your body’s core temperature. Part of the reason why ginger is so good at raising body temperature is because it features heat-producing oils called gingerols. There are a myriad of ways to consume ginger, including tea, cookies, bread, and more. You can even use ginger as an additive in sauces and other items.






    While any hot beverage will help warm you up, coffee has a special ingredient that can kick-start your internal heating mechanism. Stimulating your metabolism, the caffeine in coffee causes the release of fatty acids, which heat up your body. This is even truer with iced coffee, which usually has more caffeine than a hot cup of Joe. Even so, we can’t fault anyone for opting for hot coffee when the temperatures dip below freezing.






    For immediate heating up, accept no substitute. Soup might not last as long as other foods on this list, but it’s the ultimate choice for hungry diners who’ve just come in from the cold. The ideal situation is having a nice bowl of soup to warm up, followed up by a complex carbohydrate that will help keep you warm for the long run.


    Cayenne Pepper


    cayenne pepper


    This zesty spice boasts high amounts of capsaicin, a vanilloid that’s been proven to increase core body temperature. Cayenne pepper is almost always consumed as a powder and goes great with anything that can tolerate a dash of spice. Dishes like tortilla soup, fish tacos, nachos, chili, and southwestern rice all benefit from even just a pinch of cayenne pepper.


    What Won’t Work:






    Beer, wine, and liquor have long been touted as ways to warm up amid cold winter weather. Unfortunately, the effect of alcohol on the body is rather short-lived and not as helpful as its reputation might suggest. While a stiff drink can help you initially feel warmer, it actually lowers your body’s core temperature. Alcohol causes blood vessels to dilate, which moves blood flow closer to your skin. It’s this reaction that results in people perceiving an increase in bodily temperature. But since that hot blood is actually now farther from your body’s core, your core body temperature will decrease. This might be fine if you’re indoors at a log cabin. But if you’re out in the mountains looking for a quick way to stay warm, you should opt for something other than alcohol.



    Restaurants and food services might want to consider offering discounts on these items to drum up business during the slow season. Make sure to let patrons now how these foods and drinks can help keep heat them up and provide protection against the cold winter weather.


    restaurant fireplace


    6 of the Best Food Factories to Visit in the U.S.

    6 of the Best Food Factories to Visit in the U.S.


    While it’s unfortunate that Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory doesn’t exist and cannot be visited, there are still hundreds of other food factories that can be visited. These factories offer educational tours, delicious free samples, and unique experiences that won't soon be forgotten. The following list includes 6 of the best food factories to visit in the U.S. 


    Hershey’s Chocolate World – Hershey, PA


    hershey's chocolate world


    The closest thing to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, Hershey’s Chocolate World provides free 30-minute tours that concludes with, of course, free chocolate. Known as Hershey’s Chocolate Tour, the tour takes place on an indoor train ride that features singing cows. It also offers an educational lesson about how cocoa beans found in rain forests are turned into the delicious Hershey chocolate you know and love.

    Other attractions in the Hershey’s Chocolate World building include a historical timeline that outlines the innovations made by Hershey’s throughout the years. Candy lovers will also have the opportunity to participate in a create-your-own candy bar program. For those interested in the finer aspects of devouring chocolate, the Chocolate Tasting Experience allows hungry visitors to see, smell, and taste a wide range of different types of chocolate.

    For a more comprehensive Hershey’s experience, hop aboard the Hershey Trolley Works. The ride lasts one hour and covers the story of founder Milton Hershey. The trolley visits his birthplace, home, and other relevant sites. Conductors relay a glut of interesting information while also sometimes singing for your pleasure.


    Herr’s Snack Factory – Nottingham, PA


    herr's snack factory tour


    The legendary pretzel and potato chip company offers visitors a free tour that lends insight on how Herr’s has perfected its production process. The tour will cover how tortilla chips are seasoned and also give you a first-hand look at the machines used to make potato chips. Knowledgeable guides and an educational video inform you about everything you’d want to know about the company and its process. Lasting for one hour and making stops in three separate buildings, the tour eventually concludes in a gift shop that contains several unique souvenirs. Each person on the tour receives a free bag of potato chips and might even get to taste a few warm chips fresh off the conveyor belt.


    Tabasco Pepper Sauce Factory – Avery Island, LA


    tabasco pepper sauce factory


    Located in the bayou of Louisiana, the Tabasco Pepper Sauce Factory is situated on a 170-acre jungle that sits atop a natural salt water dome. The surrounding area is home to alligators and other wild life, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a sighting. A tour of the Tabasco Pepper Sauce Factory shows visitors how the company’s tabasco sauce is made, bottled, and shipped. It also exposes them to the white oak barrels, in which spicy sauce is aged until it’s ready for consumption. Tour guides and educational videos make up the rest of the experience, covering any questions visitors might have.


    Pez Visitor Center – Orange, CT


    pez visitor center


    With 4,000 square feet to explore, the Pez Visitor Center in Orange, Connecticut is the ultimate for fans of Pez candy. Admission is free, and visitors can go on self-guided tours and get clear views of the Pez factory’s production room via clear windows. In addition to being able to watch a video that demonstrates how the candy is made, visitors can also play interactive games, learn about the history of Pez, explore a large collection of unique Pez dispensers and memorabilia, and even make their own candy. If you think Pez tastes great right out of the wrapper, you need to discover how delicious it’s right off the conveyor belt! A gift shop offers a wide range of Pez candy and unique merchandise.


    Jelly Belly Visitor Center – Fairfield, CA


    jelly belly visitor center


    Home of the Jelly Belly jelly bean, the Jelly Belly Visitor Center in Fairfield, California offers visitors a chance to learn about the magic that goes into flavoring jelly beans. A free, 40-minute walking tour allows you to better understand the process of creating jelly beans from scratch. While it might not seem like such a big task, it takes over a full week to make a single jelly bean. There are also several videos that explain the process.

    For jelly bean enthusiasts who want to know everything, a far more comprehensive one-hour paid tour called the Jelly Belly University is available. Accompanied by a guide, groups of six dawn gloves, lab coats, and hair nets then venture into the heart of the factory. These tours require reservations and aren’t available on weekends or holidays.

    Perhaps the crown jewel of the Jelly Belly Visitor Center is its candy store. Offering samples of every Jelly Belly jelly bean in existence, the store has a flavor for everyone. Mix and match different combinations to see what flavors best blend together. After you find whatever jelly bean(s) you like most, make sure to bring enough home that they’ll last you until your next visit. There are a myriad of other souvenir items that are also worth checking out.


    Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory – Waterbury, VT


    ben & jerry's ice cream factory


    The legendary ice cream pioneers allow visitors to take a 30-minute tour of the factory for a peek at how their product is made. Other highlights of the Ice Cream Factory include the Flavoroom, which gives hungry ice cream lovers free samples of the Flavor of the Day, and The Flavor Graveyard, which lets you take a trip down memory lane and try old Ben & Jerry’s flavors that are no longer being mass produced. A Gift Shop and full-service Scoop Shop are also on the premises. Hours of operation for Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory vary depending on the time of year, so be sure to check the website before making a trip. 

    5 Mountain-Side Restaurants that Have Jaw-Dropping Views

    5 Mountain-Side Restaurants that Have Jaw-Dropping Views


    While many people prefer to escape frigid winter weather by traveling to tropical climates, others embrace the winter season by spending time in the snow-covered mountains. Activities like skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing are great ways to take advantage of the seasonal shift in climate. And when you’re exhausted from the all the strenuous exercise, you’ll likely be eager to check out a local restaurant for some much-needed food. But not all mountain-side restaurants are created equally. The following list includes 5 mountain-side restaurants that have spectacular views. 


    Piz Gloria – Murren, Switzerland


    piz gloria


    Piz Gloria provides diners with a stunning 360° view of the Bernese Alps. Situated 9,744 feet above sea level and atop Schlithorn summit, the restaurant overlooks the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau. Patrons take a 32-minute aerial cableway to ascend Schlithorn summit and arrive at Piz Gloria. Spinning on its axis, the restaurant makes a complete revolution once every 45 minutes and showcases over 200 surrounding mountain peaks. Outside the restaurant is a skyline view platform that gives patrons clearer views of surrounding mountains. A location for the James Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Piz Gloria commemorates its rich history with a 007 Walk of Fame. A skyline top shop offers visitors every souvenir they could want.


    Flagstaff House Restaurant – Boulder, Colorado


    flagstaff house restaurant


    The Flagstaff House Restaurant sits atop Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder, Colorado and is family-run by Don Monette and his sons. Situated 6,000 feet above sea level, the restaurant is a great choice for winter- and wine-lovers alike. With a wine cellar that has over 15,000 bottles, the Boulder establishment has received the Wine Spectator’s Grand Award every year since 1983. The award is given to restaurants that have one of the 10 best wine lists in the world. A meal can be quite costly at The Flagstaff House Restaurant, so be sure to scout out the menu beforehand.  


    Allred’s Restaurant – Telluride, Colorado


    allred's restaurant


    Located at the top of a free gondola, Allred’s Restaurant is an amazing 10,551 feet above sea level. Views of the spectacular box canyon leaves diners in awe as they attempt to eat amongst the beauty. A warm wood décor is complimented by large overhead beams and elegant antler chandeliers. Most food at Allred’s Restaurant is locally sourced from within Colorado, including the Bourbon Marinated Elk Loin and the classic Rack of Lamb. Perhaps the most amazing part about the restaurant is you won’t have to break the bank to dine there. A gourmet burger with a side of fries is available at the bar for a very reasonable $10.


    Edgewood Restaurant – Stateline, NV


    edgewood restaurant


    Boasting a view that overlooks Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada mountains behind it, Edgewood Restaurant was chosen as one of OpenTable diners’ “100 Most Scenic Restaurants in America for 2017.”  Edgewood matches its traditional French cuisine with a diverse wine selection to give diners a fully satisfying experience. If you’re not too busy taking in the outdoor surroundings, you might just notice the restaurant’s impressive high ceilings, unique lighting pattern, and elegant lodge feel. Dine at the right time and you can catch the sun setting over the lake and mountains.


    Eagle’s Eye Restaurant – Golden, Canada


    eagle's eye restaurant


    Located 7,700 ft. above sea level, Eagle’s Eye Restaurant is part of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. The restaurant features a relatively simple dinner menu that offers entrees like rib eye steak, beef tenderloin, and pesto pasta. Sandwiches include a vegetarian wrap, vegan burger, and Alberta beef burger. The lunch menu is a bit more extensive, offering a variety of spiked hot beverages and other drinks. But the restaurant’s main attraction is its breathtaking view that overlooks Terminator Peak. Open for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights, Eagle’s Eye Restaurant recommends that diners make reservations in advance.  


    Not everyone will have access to the listed locations, but it’s always nice to see what’s out there. If you want a similar experience to dining at one of these restaurants, pick a local ski or mountain range and find a restaurant close by. Just making the drive and appreciating the beauty of a snow-covered mountain will help make winter seem just a little less cold. 

    8 Ways to Keep Your Restaurant Thriving During the Winter Months

    8 Ways to Keep Your Restaurant Thriving During the Winter Months


    With the official start of winter less than two weeks and outside temperatures dipping below freezing, it’s time for restaurants to prepare for the harsh winter months. Cold weather and snow mean diners will be less likely to leave their homes and more likely to pass on trips to their favorite restaurants. Luckily, there are steps restaurant owners can take to give customers extra incentive to remain loyal throughout the cold, dark days. The following list includes 8 ways to keep your restaurant thriving during the winter months.


    Cold Weather Discount


    Cold Weather Discount


    Nobody likes leaving a warm home and trekking out to a restaurant in the cold and potentially snowy weather. Consequently, it becomes the responsibility of restaurant owners to give diners a little extra motivation. One idea is to offer discounts when the outside temperature dips below certain thresholds. For example: if it’s below freezing, offer a 5% discount. If it’s below 20°F, give customers a 10% discount. Below 10°F? How about a 15% discount? The temperature thresholds and discount percentages will vary depending on where you’re located, but a promotion like this has potential to get people excited for dining out in the cold.




    pizza delivery in snow


    Sometimes there’s just nothing in the world that will convince diners to leave the comfort of their homes and make a trip to your restaurant. During times like these, a delivery service can prove to be key. Even if you don’t usually offer delivery or need to employ more drivers, the extra business you bring it and the goodwill you earn among customers will make it well worth it.

    When choosing delivery drivers, try to recruit someone whose vehicle boasts either all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. These types of automobiles thrive in snowy conditions and should ensure the safety of your driver as well as the food being delivered.


    Seasonal Menu Items


    soup - seasonal menu items


    There are a few things to keep in mind when designing a winter-time menu. On one hand, you’ll want to cut back on less popular items that don’t generate significant revenue. But at the same time, you might want to expand your menu by adding special winter treats that’ll help bring hungry customers in from the cold. Items like hot soup and stew are winter favorites that never go out of style. Maybe add a few different flavors hot chocolate to your menu or expand your tea selections. These little menu tweaks can give diners enough reason to brave the cold and enjoy a night out at your restaurant.


    A Warm Temperature Guarantee


    warm temperature guarantee


    There’s nothing worse than coming in from the cold to dine at a restaurant, only to realize you still need to wear your heavy jacket to keep warm. The fear of this happening makes certain patrons even less likely to brave the cold in pursuit of a delicious meal. To combat this issue, your restaurant can provide customers with a warm-temperature guarantee. Simply promise customers through social media and other marketing channels that your restaurant will always maintain a temperature of at least X degrees throughout the winter. If a customer knows your restaurant will be at least 68°F, they’ll be appreciate your thoughtfulness and be more likely to dine at your restaurant.   


    Altering Business Hours


    restaurant business hours


    Overhead is expensive. If the amount of business your restaurant does is taking a significant hit as a result of the change in season, it might be in your best interest to explore changing your business hours. Employees might not love the idea, and a few customers might not be crazy about it either. But if you’re wasting money by remaining open early in the morning and late at night, then cutting back your restaurant’s hours might be your best option. If you decide to go this route, make sure to update your listed hours both online and in your restaurant.


    Holiday Parties


    holiday party


    Another idea is to make your restaurant a destination for local businesses that are looking for somewhere to host holiday parties. Whether they want to rent out your entire restaurant or just book a large table, these parties can be great sources of revenue and are definitely worth pursuing. Since the businesses will be spending a significant amount of money, you’ll want to cut them special deals on your meals and drinks. Doing so will help attract more parties and encourage planners to return later as repeat customers.


    Happy Hours


    happy hour


    More than half the battle during winter is convincing customers to come out to your restaurant in the first place, and happy hours are designed to do just that. Even if you have happy hours throughout the year, consider extending them, expanding offerings, or improving your deals during the winter months.


    Vacation Nights


    vacation night


    One of the best ways to bring diners to your restaurant is to offer something unique. While winter’s a popular time to vacation and visit hot climates, not everyone can go on a trip. You can take advantage of this by decorating your restaurant with props and pictures that help people feel like they’ve traveled to a tropical island. For instance—have a “Hawaii Night” by hanging pictures of beaches while playing Luau music. Greet each new customer with a Hawaiian leis necklace and a hearty, “Aloha.” While it might not be Hawaii, there’s a good chance it will help your diners forget about the cold weather for a couple hours. If you’re not so interested in hosting a Hawaii night, there are plenty of Caribbean islands that are also great options.


    While the methods listed above can help your restaurant maintain a steady stream of business during the winter months, there are certainly more ways to keep business booming. Have a brainstorming session with some of your staff members and see what else you can come up with. 

    10 Real Restaurants You’ll Recognize from Movies and TV

    10 Real Restaurants You’ll Recognize from Movies and TV


    When tuning into to watch your favorite movie or TV show, you’ll undoubtedly come across at least a few scenes that take place in bars or restaurants. While some of these scenes are actually filmed in studios, a significant number take place in real bars and restaurants that you can be visited and dined in. The following list includes 10 real restaurants you’ll recognize from movies and TV shows, and lets you know where to find them.


    Tom’s Restaurant – “Seinfeld”


    Tom's Restaurant


    Perhaps the most recognizable restaurant in the TV universe, the exterior of Monk’s Café is actually New York City’s own Tom’s Restaurant. While cropping out part of the restaurant’s bright-red neon sign initially helped conceal the restaurant’s true identity, it didn’t take long before the secret was out. Located on the corner of W 112th St., Tom’s Restaurant is a popular tourist attraction and pays homage to the legendary sitcom by featuring a variety of Seinfeld paraphernalia on its walls. While scenes inside the restaurant were shot in a Hollywood studio, there’s no denying the impact that brief shots of its exterior had on the popularity of Tom’s Restaurant.


    Holsten’s – “The Sopranos”


    10 Real Restaurants You’ll Recognize from Movies and TV - Holsten's


    In the most iconic scene from what is arguably the greatest drama in television history, it’s a small ice cream shop in Bloomfield, NJ that plays a starring role. Holsten’s, an old-fashioned ice cream shop that doubles as a diner, is the location the final scene in The Sopranos’ tension-filled finale. Today, Holsten’s wears the honor with pride, showcasing pictures of the show’s cast and highlighting the booth sat in by the Soprano family. The ice cream shop was also a spot where fans of the show gathered to mourn the sudden death of actor James Gandolfini in 2013.


    L Street Tavern – “Good Will Hunting”


    10 Real Restaurants You’ll Recognize from Movies and TV - L Street Tavern


    Boston locals Matt Damon and Ben Affleck had been hanging out at the L Street Tavern long enough to know it was the perfect location for a movie scene. Located in the South End neighborhood of Boston, the tavern served as a night-time rendezvous spot in “Good Will Hunting” for Damon, Affleck, and a couple of their friends. Although the bar has undergone a significant face lift since the movie was made 20 years ago, the L Street Tavern is still thriving in the same location.


    Johnie’s Coffee Shop – “The Big Lebowski” and “Reservoir Dogs”


    Johnie's Coffee Shop


    While this coffee shop closed its doors for good in 2000, it still stands proudly as a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument. Making appearances in two legendary movies as well several other films and a couple music videos, Johnnie’s Coffee Shop was renamed Bernie’s Coffee Shop in 2016 when it served as a campaign office for Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid. Although it no longer serves coffee, Bernie’s Coffee Shop still attracts visitors for its place in film history and its beautiful graffiti murals that helped raise awareness for Bernie Sanders.


    Polidor – “Midnight in Paris”


    Restaurant Polidor


    One of two restaurants on this list located outside the United States, Restaurant Polidor is found in Paris, France. A historic restaurant, the place was founded all the way back in 1845 and is renowned for being frequented by writers like James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, Jack Kerouac, and more. Woody Allen used the restaurant with great success in 2011’s “Midnight in Paris,” a movie about a writer who travels back in time and meets his heroes from the past. Today, the restaurant remains popular—especially among local university students.


    Top Notch Hamburgers – “Dazed and Confused”


    top notch hamburgers


    This classic drive-in is located in Austin, TX and served as just one of the many locales in 1993’s cult classic “Dazed and Confused.” Built in the 1970s, Top Notch Hamburgers was the perfect hang out spot for teenagers in the movie—which took place in 1976. Today, the restaurant still offers drive-in style dining and is well-known throughout the city for its tasty fried chicken and charcoal-grilled burgers.


    Kat’s Deli – “When Harry Met Sally”


    katz's delicatessen


    As if the legendary Katz deli in Manhattan doesn’t garner enough attention for its delicious sandwiches, the location can also be seen in several films and TV shows. The deli’s most popular appearance occurred in a scene with Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in the romantic comedy “When Harry Met Sally.” A sign even hangs in the Deli, informing diners of the exact booth where the famous “I’ll have what she’s having” scene was shot. 


    Twede’s Cafe – “Twin Peaks”


    twede's cafe


    Known as the Double R Diner on “Twin Peaks,” Twede’s Café is located in North Bend, Washington and was previously known as the Mart-T Café. Less than 45 minutes from Seattle, the small-town restaurant features the gorgeous backdrop of local Mount Si. Twede’s Café makes almost everything from scratch and prides itself on upholding the reputation it has on Twin Peaks. This means the café serves a delicious, classic cherry pie and a “Damn fine cup o’ coffee.”


    The 101 Coffee Shop – “Swingers”


    the 101 coffee shop


    This old-school diner has a funky 1960s vibe and was the perfect place for characters in the 1996 comedy classic Swingers to grab late-night meals. True to the movie, The 101 Coffee Shop is located in Hollywood and open daily until 3AM. The restaurant was also featured on the HBO show “Entourage” and prides itself on using fresh ingredients procured from the Hollywood farmer’s market. If you’re stopping by for a meal, you can’t go wrong with the popular Cajun Catfish and Eggs. 


    The New York Bar – “Lost in Translation”


    the new york bar - tokyo, japan


    Contrary to its name, this bar is actually located on the 52nd floor of the Park Hyatt in Tokyo, Japan. With a gorgeous view that overlooks the city, The New York Bar features live jazz every night—just like in the movie. But before making the 52-story trek up to this opulent bar, be aware that drinks won’t come cheaply, and there’s a cover charge if you arrive after 8PM (7PM on Sundays).

    6 of the Oldest Restaurants in America

    6 of the Oldest Restaurants in America


    Dining out at local eating establishments is a time-honored tradition that nearly everyone can appreciate. The food, the ambiance, and the people are just a few reasons why going to a restaurant is so special. And while America has been around for nearly 250 years, some of its restaurants date back even further than that. The following list includes 6 of the oldest restaurants in the United States. Take a trip back in time by visiting any one of them.


    Griswold Inn – Essex, CT


    6 of the oldest restaurants in america - the griswold inn


    This classy establishment has run continuously since its inception all the way back in 1776. Providing shelter and sustenance to shipyard workers who built vessels during the Revolutionary War, the Griswold Inn successfully stood the test of time. The tavern was captured by British troops during the war of 1812 and briefly turned into a base of operations. Playing host to a long list of historical figures like Mark Twain, Katherine Hepburn, Albert Einstein, and even George Washington, the Griswold Inn gives patrons the chance to dine with the ghosts of legends.

    For visitors who want the deluxe experience, the Griswold Inn has 33 rooms for overnight stays. Antiques populate rooms, and there are no televisions. Instead, classical music sets an elegant ambiance that transports to diners to a different time and place. To this day, many of the restaurants original decorations are still place. Despite this throwback atmosphere, the Griswold Inn thankfully features modern bathrooms.


    White Horse Tavern – Newport, RI


    white horse tavern


    Founded in 1673, the White Horse Tavern is the oldest and certainly one of the most unique restaurants in America. In nearly 350 years since it was founded, this Rhode Island bar has sheltered pirates and also briefly became a boardinghouse. The restaurant fell into disarray before being restored in the 1950s. Delicious drinks like the Darn and Stormy, a classic cocktail that combines rum and ginger beer, keep local patrons coming back for more—even after all these years.


    Fraunces Tavern – New York, NY


    fraunces tavern


    Located in NYC’s Financial District, the building that eventually became Fraunces Tavern was built in 1686. Initially home to NYC mayor Stephanus Van Cortlandt, the building was eventually sold to Samuel Frances—who renovated the building and transformed it into a successful tavern in 1762.

    The Sons of Liberty—a secret society formed by John Hancock and Samuel Adams to protect the rights of America’s colonists—regularly met at Fraunces Tavern prior to the American Revolution. The tavern was also the site of a dinner held in 1783 for George Washington and his troops.  The gathering was in celebration of Washington pushing the British army out of New York.

    Today, the Fraunces Tavern has expanded to occupy an entire block and include five separate buildings. The traditional restaurant includes 8 separate dining spaces, and a museum commemorating the tavern’s history features 9 distinct galleries.  


    Union Oyster House – Boston, MA


    union oyster house


    This Union Oyster House building was erected in the early 1700s and originally served as a formal dress store. Expansion in 1771 welcomed the “The Massachusetts Spy” newspaper to the building’s second floor, but it wasn’t until 1826 when the Atwood & Bacon Oyster house was born. That same year, the restaurant changed its name to the Union Oyster House and hasn’t looked back since. Today, the restaurant is a National Historic Landmark and holds the title of longest continuously operated restaurant in America.

    With an elegant, New England-themed interior, the Union Oyster House features paintings, framed newspapers, an even beautiful dioramas. Its menu consists of traditional New England seafood like oysters, clams, and lobsters. A favorite establishment of famous diners like the Kennedy family and Daniel Webster, who was well-known for devouring several plates of oysters at a time, the classic restaurant is also rumored to be where the toothpick was popularized.


    Antoine’s Restaurant – New Orleans, LA


    6 of the oldest restaurants in America - Antoine's restaurant


    The oldest family-run restaurant in the United States, Antoine’s Restaurant boasts sophisticated décor and has been serving delicious Louisiana Creole cuisine since 1840. It’s located in the heart of New Orleans’ French Quarter and is known for being the birthplace of oysters Rockefeller.

    Steeped in rich history, Antoine’s Restaurant features private rooms named after Carnival krewes like Rex, Proteus, and the 12th Night Revelers. During Carnival season, these krewes are the organizations that put on Bourbon Street’s famous Mardi Gras parade.

    Perhaps the most interesting part of Antoine’s Restaurant is the Mystery Room, which earned its name during the prohibition era. While alcohol was outlawed, patrons would go through a door in the ladies room that led to a secret room, which served coffee spiked with booze. When drinkers returned to their tables and were asked where they’d gotten the coffee, they’d simply respond, “It’s a mystery to me.” There are several other rooms throughout the restaurant, each of which has its own interesting story.


    Tadich Grill – San Francisco, CA


    tadich grill


    When thousands of ambitious prospectors headed west in search of gold in 1849, they needed something to help keep them going. Capitalizing on the opportunity, a small coffee stand opened to give prospectors much-needed energy boosts. The coffee stand was bought out by John Tadich in 1887 and quickly became a full-fledge restaurant. That restaurant was named the Tadich Grill and lays claim to being the first in the U.S. to cook seafood on a mesquite charcoal grill.

    Today, the Tadich Grill still specializes in serving fresh seafood. Refusing to take reservations, the restaurant is usually packed with diners during lunch and dinner. So if you plan to go, it’s best to arrive on the early side.



    5 of the Best Food Destinations in the World

    5 of the Best Food Destinations in the World


    While the United States has no shortage of outstanding food cities, there are 194 other countries in the world that feature their own delicious meals. International food cities offer diners unique experiences that are truly one of a kind, and the following list contains 5 of the best food destinations in the world.


    Florence, Italy


    florence italy


    A number of Italian cities could have made this list. But for brevity’s sake, we’re listing only Florence. The capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, Florence benefits from its proximity to wine country and local farms. Easy access to maremma cows and olive farms enables restaurants to serve some of the freshest cheeses, T-bone steaks, and olive oil in all of Italy. Although most bread in Florence is still made without salt, a lingering effect of Florentines refusing to pay a salt tax in the 12th century, the city’s delicious schiacciata is an exception to the rule and warrants at least a taste.

    And of course—no visit to Italy is complete without some pizza and gelato. Florence has no shortage of either. For more adventurous diners, a lampredotto is worth a taste. Often served in a sandwich, the meal features the fourth stomach of a cow and is a common street dish in Florence.


    Lyon, France


    lyon france dining


    Beating out cities like Paris and Bordeaux for French supremacy, Lyon is the ultimate location for a classic French meal. Featuring world-famous 91-year old French chef Paul Bocuse and his renowned restaurant Bocuse d’Or, the city is home to several Michelin-Star restaurants. In addition to its myriad of gourmet restaurants that serve traditional haute cuisine and are flush with artwork, decorations, and chandeliers, Lyon also has a wide range of smaller, more affordable bouchons that serve traditional foods like sausage, duck pate, and roast pork. The city’s easy access to vineyards ensures its dining establishments are always well-stocked with an impressive selection of varying wines.


    San Sebastian, Spain


    san sebastian dining


    Also known as Donastia, San Sebastian is located on the coast of the Bay of Biscay and is almost right on the French border. The city is a popular tourist destination and is well-known for its Basque cuisine. With the second most Michelin stars per square feet in the world, San Sebastian features a large assortment of elegant restaurants as well as more casual pintxos bars.

    Perhaps the crown jewel of the San Sebastian dining experience is the Murgaritz restaurant. One of the top dining establishments in the world according to Restaurant Magazine, Murgaritz chef Andoni Aduriz uses fresh herbs and produce that are grown in a garden behind the restaurant. For a spectacular San Sebastian culinary experience that doesn’t take place in a restaurant, check out the local La Brecha market. Offering a wide variety of fresh fish, the market is perfect for seafood lovers.


    Tokyo, Japan


    tokyo japan dining


    With more than 220 Michelin-starred restaurants, Tokyo has more Michelin stars than any other city in the world. Perhaps even more impressive, the city has more Michelin stars than Paris and New York combined! Whether you’re looking for a high-end dining experience that includes some of the best sushi in the world or you prefer a simple yet delicious soba dish from a noodle shop, this Japanese metropolis has you covered. The city’s chefs strive to approach traditional Japanese with a modern mindset, and the results speak for themselves.

    Tokyo is also home to the famous Tsukiji fish market—where over 5 million pounds of fish are sold almost every day. Much of this fish is used to make sushi in the city’s best restaurants. In addition to outstanding seafood, Tokyo is also known for using only the freshest, seasonal vegetables. This is a direct result of farmland being located in nearby Western Tokyo. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be conveniently sent throughout the city, ensuring diners receive restaurant meals that are second to none.


    Bangkok, Thailand


    bangkok thailand food


    Famously affordable, Bangkok offers street meals for as little as $1 USD. Flavor-filled Thai food ranges from sweet to spicy to salty to sour. And the remarkable thing is—you can experience that whole scope of flavors in just one meal!

    Thai food is inspired by a blend of Chinese, Malysian, Indonesian, and Myanmarese cuisine. Popular dishes include pad thai, som tum, cashew chicken, and beef massaman. The delicious scents of sautéed chilies and galangal overtake entire streets at a time in Bangkok, imploring citizens to stop and eat even when they’re not hungry.



    Indulging in the delicious food of foreign countries is a great reason to travel internationally. So make sure your passport is up to date and book your flight today!