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Asian Cutlery

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Asian Cutlery

Equip the kitchen with efficient and user-friendly kitchen knives

Every recipe requires unique preparation and cuts. Deliver it right using proper cutlery knives. The kitchen cutlery set we offer is constructed with a razor-sharp blade edge and comfortable handle. Each blade comes in a variety of lengths and shapes to guarantee its maximum efficiency. From traditional to specialty knives, we ensure to deliver it all. Asian cutlery knives are one of the specialty knives we supply. These are handy to use for preparing and cutting different food products. The santoku knife is the most popular Asian kitchen knives. Its functions are similar to a Chef knife. Therefore, it is convenient to use for multiple cutting tasks. The only advantage of the santoku knife is it’s lighter and the blade is shorter. The blade also crafted wider with a straight cutting edge.

Treat the customers with delightful sashimi. To get the perfect cuts of the ingredients, use a sashimi knife. This kitchen cutlery is hand-crafted with an extremely sharp blade. It can precisely cut raw fishes into thin, bite-sized slices without damaging the meat. Each sashimi knife is available in different lengths. The cutleries with the longer blade have the ability to slice larger cuts of fishes. Aside from the different types of kitchen cutlery sets, we also offer accessories to maintain the good condition of the kitchen knives. These accessories range from sharpeners to keep the blade’s edge ultra-sharp to storage blocks. View our catalog now to see our entire selections of Asian cutlery sets and accessories.

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