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Wooden Countertop

Wooden Countertop

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Wooden Countertops

Furnish the foodservice establishment with durable, all-natural wooden countertops for a sleeker, grander look

For a beautiful yet absolutely hardwearing worksurface, look no further than our sophisticated collection of wooden countertops! Countertops do more than just serve as a practical work area or supplement to kitchen cabinets. They may also speak of the level of sophistication in a foodservice establishment. Create a pleasant, detail-oriented impression among diners and employees alike! Here at Culinary Depot, we offer one of the most impressive collections of wood kitchen countertops in the industry. Painstakingly constructed by lifelong craftsmen, these wooden countertops are a balanced combination of aesthetic value and performance.

Bamboo countertops are among our most popular options due to their outstanding durability and flexibility. Though tougher than most types of wood, bamboo is surprisingly lightweight and effortless to maintain. Cherry wood is quite similar to the finest glass of wine. Its color and integrity deepen with age, and its natural red and pink tints give it an irresistible appearance. Mahogany furniture has been a huge favorite among the middle- and upper-class due to its solidly resilient and attractive wood grain.

Maple wood fixtures are virtual necessities instead of options for culinary professionals. They are resistant to cracking, warping, and molding over the years or in differing humidity levels. Walnut is typically the wood of choice for flooring and cutting boards as they exhibit durability and strength unlike any other. Oak is considered one of the toughest hardwoods there is. They come in light (white oak) and deep (red oak) shades and are unparalleled in terms of versatility.

Regardless of their predominant material or appearance, our wooden countertops can be relied upon to streamline various culinary tasks. Best of all, recent models now come with heating or cooling elements, electrical components, or food wells. Almost all countertops are also laminated for added protection against scratches and stains, or even burnished with an antimicrobial finish usually applied to cutting boards. Browse our catalog now for wood countertops of various sizes, craftsmanship, and advanced features!