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Utility Table

Utility Table

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Utility Tables

Perform utility tasks effortlessly using our durable, ergonomically-designed work tables

Easily accomplish all culinary tasks with the help of our premium-grade utility tables! Commercial kitchens are perhaps the busiest establishments in the culinary industry. Not only are they responsible for churning out hundreds of meals daily, but they also perform a lot of prepping, storing, cleaning, and more. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer utility tables designed to help foodservice employees perform these tasks with ease. Also marketed as work tables, these units help streamline the job without requiring too much maintenance or space.

We offer a wide array of multipurpose tables that may feature shelves, sinks, or a strategic combination of both. Stainless steel utility tables are a popular option as they are strong enough not to require constant replacement. Laminate top or poly top variants are excellent choices as well due to their seamless, often sound-deadened work surfaces. Establishments may also opt for a sturdy, impact-resistant stationary table or a mobile unit with swivel-and-lock casters. Browse our catalog now and find the ultimate utility table with the right length, width, height, capacity, or configuration!