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Underbar Modular Add-On Component

Underbar Modular Add-On Component

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Underbar Modular Add-On Components

Level-up the functions of the bar station by adding underbar modular add-on components

Food and drink service operations are capable of unleashing their maximum potential by completing the underbar equipment set-ups in the back bar area. For as long as the workspace allows, owners can continuously improve the productivity of their drinking service facilities by getting space-efficient and durable bar equipment. Here in Culinary Depot, we offer a full line of high-quality modular add-on components for various types of underbar equipment.

Our selection of underbar modular add-on components includes drainboards that are helpful not just in keeping the newly-washed glassware dry, but also in preventing liquid from spilling and leaking onto the floor. We also supply bottle storage units that are convenient in providing a generous space where bottles can be neatly and safely stacked.

Angle spillers are the go-to underbar equipment to create a sanitary area for disposing of empty bottles and containers. They are also effective in fully utilizing the workspace at the back bar. These are only a few of the many incredible underbar modular add-on components we offer. Make sure to check out our catalog to learn more!