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Underbar Drainboard Unit

Underbar Drainboard Unit

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Underbar Drainboard Units

Keep the workstations clean and dry with the help of our underbar drainboard units

Underbar drainboard units are essential equipment for foodservice operations to keep the workstations and floor areas free from liquid spills and leaks. Water and other liquid component spillage make a surface slippery and may cause slip-related accidents. Since spillages or leaks are inevitable in bar stations, from draining newly-washed wares to ice melting, adding underbar drainboard units is just the right decision. This type of underbar equipment is designed to efficiently drain excessive and overflowing liquids at the workstation.

Here in Culinary Depot, we have a broad selection of durable underbar drainboard units that will surely suit the needs of foodservice facilities. They can come in different base styles such as cabinets and racks, wherein employees can store a variety of kitchen tools and supplies. Some of the units in our selection are designed with backsplashes that effectively prevent water from splashing against the wall and other kitchen equipment.

Proven to be versatile and durable, our selection of underbar drainboard units comes in a variety of sizes that can fit small to large kitchen spaces. More importantly, these underbar drainboard units are constructed of high-quality stainless steel that guarantees to last longer. Our underbar drainboard unit can indeed maintain a well-sanitized area and keep the kitchen employees safe throughout the operation.

To learn more about our offerings, browse our catalog now! All materials used for the construction vary on the manufacturer.