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Underbar Blender Station

Underbar Blender Station

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Underbar Blender Stations

Get a quality underbar blending station and allow the staff to work with ease

Live a hygienic way with our well-sanitized and clean underbar blender stations ready to provide you with healthy beverages! Having all the necessary bar supplies and appliances stored in one secure area is convenient. The underbar blending stations we supply can deliver that convenience with the added comfort of operating the necessary appliances safely. This underbar equipment comes with different work surface sizes that can accommodate one to multiple blenders. As a standard design, the work surface is often completed with backsplashes that serve as a protective tool to avoid any splashes and a drain for easy cleaning.

Making the staff productive is achievable because we also carry underbar blender stations equipped with a sink and faucet. This is advantageous to use for high-volume beverage stations as it allows the staff to quickly wash the blender after use without leaving the blender station. It saves time and effort! We also have other underbar blender stations that feature an ice bin. This feature allows the bartenders or waiters to create several types of frozen drinks while producing quality chilled beverages like wines, iced teas, and more.

The functionality of these types of equipment truly serves its purpose to everyone and is very effective since it has been properly designed according to its use. This underbar blender station holds everything in place which makes it easy to serve the customers. To learn more about our selection, browse our catalog now!