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Tray Line Station

Tray Line Station

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Tray Line Stations

Assemble trays with speed and ease using our ergonomically-designed workstations

Simplify all the tasks waiting behind the tray line with our high-quality tray workstations! The tray line is one of the busiest stations in the commercial kitchen. It’s the place where the foodservice crew assembles the customer’s order or where the customers might perform self-service. It’s also where used trays are piled up at the end of mealtimes. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer a wide array of commercial tray workstations. Also known as tray line stations or tray starter stations, these units are designed to streamline the tray organization system.

Typically made of stainless steel, our tray workstations are extremely durable and impact-resistant. They easily resist corrosion and require nothing more than regular wiping. Most units are furnished with pan racks, shelving, or a smart combination of both. Plenty of our offerings are fitted with swivel-and-lock casters, while others are simply for stationary applications. Don’t let the hustle and bustle behind the tray line set the service staff back! Browse our catalog now for highly ergonomic tray line stations of various sizes, capacities, designs, and other convenient features.