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Tomato Slicer

Tomato Slicer

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Tomato Slicers

Prepare each dish with perfectly sliced tomatoes using a manual or electric tomato slicer

Use a tomato slicer to transform small to large tomatoes into several, proportional slices! Food preparation involves many tedious processes, including tomato slicing, which may consume plenty of time. Cut consistent tomato slices in no time using a tomato slicer. It consists of a set of blades and an ergonomic handle to control blades as they cut through tomatoes and other soft produce. Our selection of tomato slicers features electric and manual models. Electric tomato slicers ensure fast and convenient operations, while manual models offer reliable slicing anytime, anywhere in the kitchen.

Our selection of tomato slicers is also available with several blade types. We have options for serrated, angled, and even straight blades to produce various cuts. We also have tomato slicer blades with various spacing sizes to deliver different slice thicknesses. Provide quality tomato slices for sandwiches, salads, and other dishes with the help of a tomato slicer. Browse through our catalog and see our complete selection!