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Single and Double Rack Dishwasher

Single and Double Rack Dishwasher

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Single and Double Rack Dishwashers

Keep the dishes clean and ready for service with our single or double rack dishwashers

Imagining commercial kitchens with piles of dirty dishes is appalling! The good news is, this horrifying scenario can be prevented by equipping the kitchen with top-quality dishwashing machines! We have an extensive selection of different types of commercial dishwashers designed to ease the kitchen staff from the burden of manually washing an insane number of dishes for long hours. Though each type of dishwashing equipment is constructed uniquely, they are all proven effective in keeping the dishes well-sanitized to prevent cross-contamination. This allows the kitchen staff to consistently serve healthy and safe-to-consume meals.

Our selection carries a single-rack and double-rack dishwashers that can process small to large quantities of dishes. The single-rack dishwashers are recommended for food facilities with compact kitchens. They are designed to accommodate up to 40 dishes per hour. While the double-rack dishwashers are the best addition to food establishments serving a large number of people. These dishwashers can carry a maximum of 80 dishes per hour. The exact number of dishes each dishwashing machine can process varies on the manufacturer or unit size.

The single-rack and double-rack dishwashers we carry are also available either with high-temperature or low-temperature functions. The high-temperature dishwashers can often dry faster and do not need the use of sanitizers. While the low-temperature dishwashers require the use of sanitizing agents for a more efficient cleaning process.

For a well-sanitized kitchen space and more efficient productivity, invest in our double and single-rack dishwashers now! Check our catalog to learn more.