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Refrigerated Counter Work Top

Refrigerated Counter Work Top

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Counter-Height Worktop Refrigerators

Keep refrigerated food and ingredients close at hand with our highly innovative worktop refrigerators

Maximize the use of time, effort, and space in the commercial kitchen with the help of a cutting-edge worktop refrigerator! Not all commercial kitchens have a lot of space to spare for additional units. However, all commercial kitchens will benefit from having more than one worktop or refrigerator. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer the ultimate selection of refrigerated counter worktops! Also known as worktop refrigerators or simply counter height refrigerators, these models provide the advantages of a heavy-duty worktop and a powerful commercial fridge in one compact, space-saving footprint!

Each commercial worktop refrigerator features a flat, seamless work surface for food preparation. Directly underneath the top panel are refrigeration components that will keep food, containers, and even refrigerator-safe equipment at optimally low temperatures. The refrigerant used is an all-natural, eco-friendly type with very little or no ozone depletion potential (ODP) and global warming potential (GWP). Some models feature either doors or drawers, while some are furnished with a strategic combination of both. Most units will have heavy-duty casters instead of legs, and some will only be appropriate for stationary applications.

Typically made of premium-grade stainless steel for the exterior and smooth aluminum for the interior, these counter height refrigerators are extremely durable and damage-resistant. The worktops are also capable of accommodating a significant amount of weight. Don’t let lack of space keep chefs and service personnel from working in harmony in the commercial kitchen! Browse our catalog now for worktop refrigerators of various lengths, widths, heights, capacities, and designs.