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Heated Display Cases and Deli Cases

Heated Display Cases and Deli Cases

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<p><b>Heated Display Cases and Deli Cases</b></p>


<p>Keep food fresh and warm for long hours with our heated display cases</p>


<p>Heated display cases and deli cases are essential equipment in food establishments to display a variety of foods while keeping them warm for long hours.


Our selection of hot food display cases comes in a variety of sizes that can fit small to large spaces. These pieces of equipment can either be used for full-service or self-service type. Full-service display cases are usually found in upscale facilities where the staff assists the customers on what they wish to order. Self-service display cases are mostly used in catered events, cafeteria, and buffet setups.</p>


<p>The heated display cases and deli cases we offer are available in countertop and freestanding units. The countertop cases are perfect for front-of-house use and other establishments with limited space. Freestanding cases are perfect for high-volume operations. With their sturdy construction and attractive exterior, they become ideal to use for both back-of-house (take-out shelves) and front-of-house.</p>


<p>The heated display cases and deli cases can be constructed with or without a base. They can also feature two or more shelving units. Make sure to check out our catalog to learn more about the designs, styles, and sizes available!</p>