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Handheld Can Opener

Handheld Can Opener

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Handheld Can Openers

Safely open any canned goods using a reliable can opener

Opening cans is part of the regular routine in a commercial foodservice operation. Equip the staff with the proper kitchen tools to save time and avoid cutting-related injuries. Cans are created in unique shapes and sizes. For this reason, we carry a large selection of commercial can openers that are exclusively designed for light, standard, and heavy-duty use. On top of that, they are made to open specific shapes and sizes of cans. If the operation only has a light-volume needs and mostly open small to average-sized of cans with odd shapes, the handheld manual can opener is the best type to get. It has a standard design of a metal head and base handles. The head is constructed with a round, gear-operated rotary blade. A control handle is built on the opposite side for maximum control. Once it is used, the blade will pierce into the metal and smoothly cut it until it is completely removed.

Other manufacturers further improved the efficiency of this handheld can opener by equipping the gear with a large crank handle. This provides a much easier and faster opening process. The base of the handheld manual can opener contains two swing-away handles where each features an ergonomic soft grip. It is available in different colors to enhance its appearance. Accidents are inevitable. Some of the manufacturers prevent this from happening by fashioning the handles with a non-slip feature. This assured the safety of the handheld manual can opener while in use, even when the hands are wet.

The handheld can opener is not limited to this design. We also carry modern-designed openers that features a locking system to keep it stable during the opening process. Instead of two handles, it only has one and the control handle is mostly designed as a knob and positioned on the side. All the features included vary in the brand. Browse our catalog now to see our complete selection of heavy-duty can openers!