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Glass Washer Machine

Glass Washer Machine

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Glass Washer Machines

Always keep the glassware ready for service with our glass washer machine

Top-quality dishwashing equipment is an essential addition to the food and bar service to guarantee a more productive and hassle-free cleaning process. Foodservice operations such as restaurants, cafés, and bars commonly serve deliciously cooked foods and drinks with the use of glass-constructed tableware. Exceptional and high-quality, the delicate glassware requires extra care in handling and washing them. We make this achievable as we carry a full line of glass washer machines designed to wash small to large quantities of glassware without causing any damage.

Our selection of glass washer machines is guaranteed efficient as they can accommodate hundreds to thousands of glasses per hour. The exact glass each glass washing equipment can process varies on its sizes and sometimes, on the manufacturer. With the equipment’s versatility, they make the cleaning process easier and lighter for kitchen staff, allowing them to attend to other tasks more smoothly. Easily adaptable and user-friendly, the glass washing machines can be operated with a single switch or multiple, well-labeled push buttons.

In terms of construction, these glass washer equipment are made of durable stainless steel. They are designed with either carousel, pass-through, or rack styles. All of these interior styles are equally convenient and can surely suit the needs of the customers. These are just a few of our glass washer equipment’s features. To learn more about this selection, browse our catalog now!