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Electric Griddle

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Commercial Electric Griddles

Fire up the electric griddle and enjoy cooking scrumptious dishes all day long

Make the grilling task safer to perform by using a commercial electric griddle! The commercial griddle is the right piece of cooking equipment that can produce any dish that displays an attractive charred exterior with a delicious smoky flavor. It is usually being cooked under a high, open flame. But due to the risk it can pose to the staff and customers’ safety, our brand partners manufactured electric griddles. Instead of open-flame burners, this type of commercial griddle is fully equipped with heating elements that are usually mounted beneath the cooking surface or embedded into it.

The griddle plates available for the electric griddle are constructed using stainless steel, chrome, or polished steel. Stainless steel is the ultimate choice in terms of long-term durability and corrosion resistance. But the chrome is advantageous to use for cooking with acidic ingredients as it has a natural non-reactive property. The polished steel, on the other hand, heats up quicker compared to the other materials. This is advantageous for foodservice operations that consistently cater to meal rushes.

Just like with other commercial griddles, the electric griddles are built for standard- and heavy-duty applications. The standard-duty model units are ideal for operations that have low to medium-sized grilling needs. While the heavy-duty griddles are perfect for operations that daily serve a larger crowd. Both model units are equipped with a user-friendly control system to easily adjust the temperatures according to the recipe requirement.

These are only a few of the many incredible features included in our commercial electric griddles collection. To know more, browse our catalog now!