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Drop-In Freezers and Frost Tops / Cold Slabs

Drop-In Freezers and Frost Tops / Cold Slabs

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Drop-in Freezers, Frost tops, and Cold Slabs

Get ahead of the competition by creating ice creams with our drop-in frost tops and cold slabs

Create flavorful, luscious-looking ice creams and gelatos with our state-of-the-art drop-in cold slabs and frost tops! With a lot of ice cream parlors thriving on every corner, it is hard to get ahead of the competition. The key to success is getting a cutting-edge ice cream machine! Whether the establishment is serving regular ice cream, gelato, or sundae, we carry everything that the culinary staff might require.

Here at Culinary Depot, we offer the most unique commercial ice cream machines and other refrigeration equipment packed with advanced features. We boast the widest array of drop-in frost top and cold slab units. These machines provide employees with a cool, seamless worktop for mixing ice cream. All they need are simple hand tools and ingredient bins to add sprinkles, fruits, and other mix-ins. Since premium refrigeration components are installed under the work area, there is no risk of ice cream melting during preparation.

We also offer drop-in freezers that can securely place in between countertops for quick and easy installation. They can come with single to multiple solid, stainless steel lids or clear lids. The lids serve as a protective barrier to prevent cold air leakage and contamination. Get world-class ice cream machines by browsing our catalog today!

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