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Dough Press and Dough Docker

Dough Press and Dough Docker

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Dough Presses and Dockers

Make perfectly pressed pizza doughs using our dough dockers or presses

Dough presses and dockers are essential food prep equipment in food establishments offering delicious pizzas, pies, and other delicious baked goods. Culinary Depot is the best place to shop as we offer top-quality dough presses and dough dockers that guarantee to meet the specific needs of food service operations! Our dough presses feature circular metal top and bottom plates where the pizza doughs are laid to flatten. These metal plates release just the right amount of heat to come up with perfectly pressed pizza doughs. Versatile and convenient, these dough presses save kitchen employees from the burden of manually flattening pizza doughs with rolling pins. Thus, saving ample time to do other tasks in the busy kitchens.

Our selection of dough presses come in a variety of sizes that can accommodate low to high volumes of doughs to press. More interestingly, these pizza dough presses can be customized to adjust the thickness of crust depending on the customers’ preferences. User-friendly, our selection of dough presses carries automatic and manual models – both of which are easy to operate. With the desire to help in making deliciously cooked and consistently flattened pizza doughs, our catalog also carries high-quality dough dockers. These roller dockers are used to manually spin over the flattened pizza doughs preventing them from blistering.

To learn more about our selection of dough presses and dough dockers, browse our catalog now!