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Serve dishes with professionally cut ingredients using our fruit and vegetable dicers

Elevate the aesthetic value of signature dishes using one of our premium-quality commercial dicers! The success of a culinary craft hinges on the simplest of details. Traditional chefs may think that taste is the be-all and end-all in the foodservice industry. However, most diners beg to differ as they are said to always eat with their eyes first. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer a special selection of fruit and vegetable cutters that will help take food presentation to new heights.

Dicer, also known as a fruit or vegetable dicer, is a sophisticated yet easy to use cutting equipment. With a simple thrust on a weighted handle, the dicer pushes fresh produce onto a razor-sharp stainless steel blade assembly. This process yields small, cube-like pieces of onion, tomato, celery, pepper, potato, apple, or pear. Typically made of stainless steel or cast aluminum, these countertop units are extremely durable, rust-proof, and space-efficient.

Don’t let customers dine on thick, uneven chunks of food on their plates. Browse our catalog now and get the ultimate equipment for the perfect salad, soup, stew, stir fry, or dessert!