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Cutters and Slicers

Cutters and Slicers

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Cutters and Slicers

Present the most professional looking fruit or vegetable dishes with the help of our ergonomic cutters and slicers

Cut fruits and vegetables of various textures into flawless slices using our durable, easy-to-use cutters and slicers! Culinary professionals say that people always eat with their eyes first. No matter how excellent a dish may taste, diners will not give it a second glance if it isn’t beautifully presented. Don’t let a messy stir fry or a sloppily-plated salad keep customers from having a pleasing dining experience. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer the most excellent selection of commercial cutters and slicers.

Our vegetable cutters and slicers are designed to portion whole pieces of fresh produce in record time. Simply pull a lever or spin a handle to create thick, thin, or even noodle-like vegetable pieces. Whether chefs are working with more delicate food like tomatoes or harder ones such as squash and zucchini, these units are certain to produce the desired results. Commercial kitchens serving salad, soup, ramen, stir fry, or any vegetarian fare are guaranteed to benefit from this cutting equipment.

Cakes, pies, parfaits, and other desserts are not complete without slices of fresh fruit. This is why we offer fruit cutters and slicers that will transform these colorful ingredients into nice, elegant pieces. Much like vegetable slicing equipment, these units require nothing more than simple maneuvering of a lever or handle. Each fruit or vegetable cutter can be used interchangeably as vegetable cutting tools are just as good at cutting fruits and vice-versa. Such ergonomic units are aptly marketed as all-purpose cutters or slicers.

Establishments can opt for lightweight yet heavy-duty aluminum or cast aluminum cutting equipment. They may also get a more robust, corrosion-resistant stainless steel countertop model. Whatever the construction or design, these culinary implements promise effortless to use and long years of quality service. Cut off any ingredients quickly and safely! Browse our catalog today and find the best cutting tools for the operation.