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Countertop Commercial Soup Warmer and Kettle

Countertop Commercial Soup Warmer and Kettle

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Countertop Commercial Soup Kettles and Warmers 


Serve steaming hot chicken noodle soup or beef broth using our space-efficient soup warmers and kettles


Present bowls of hearty soups round the clock with our highly reliable commercial soup kettles and warmers! 


Having a large bowl of soup during winter or the rainy days is extremely comforting. From the classic chicken noodle to gourmet variants like coconut curry cauliflower, soup is guaranteed to go well on breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer the widest arrays of soup warmers and kettles in the industry. Specifically designed for commercial use, these countertop units are capable of holding up to 22 quarts of soup or broth.


We offer premium-grade stainless steel soup kettles and warmers for maximum durability and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel vessels also make for excellent insulators – maintaining optimal food temperatures for a very long time. Establishments may select among dial, electronic, and thermostatic kettles. They may also opt for the more advanced warmer and rethermalizer countertop combination. Though marketed as soup kettles or soup warmers, each unit can be used to melt cheese or baking chocolate as well.


Get the ultimate commercial soup merchandiser by browsing our catalog today!