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Cotton Candy Machines

Cotton Candy Machines

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Cotton Candy Machines


Create colorful and appetizing cotton candy in record time using our top-rated cotton candy machines


Consistently produce up to two hundred bags or cones of cotton candy with our robust, high-performance commercial candy machines!  


Cotton candy has been a favorite concession food at fairs and carnivals for decades. Its fluffy, delicate texture and vibrant color appeals to both the young and young-at-heart. Known as fairy floss in other parts of the world, it takes painstaking care to make this enchanting treat. Culinary Depot offers cotton candy machines designed to give concession stand purveyors an easy time.p>


We offer commercial cotton candy makers with either stainless steel or aluminum bowls. We also have units that are built into carts or furnished with clear dome covers. Depending on the volume of demand, establishments may select among machines that create 60, 80, 120, or 200 cones per hour. Comprised of the finest materials and components, our equipment guarantees several years of strong, dependable service.


Browse our catalog now and add the nostalgic, whimsical cotton candy to the list of equally delightful offerings!p>