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Condensate Hoods

Condensate Hoods

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Condensate Hoods

Keep the kitchen smoke-free with our line of condensate hoods

Alongside dishwashers, booster heaters, and the likes, condensate hoods are essential to install in commercial kitchens. The condensate hoods play an important role in keeping the kitchen area ventilated. As standard, it works as an extraction device where it collects, condensates, and removes heat and steam produced by the commercial and industrial dishwashing equipment. It effectively draws out the heat and steam outside of the kitchen either through the wall or roof. Since these kitchen hoods prevent steam burns and reduce room temperature, kitchen personnel are kept cool and dry throughout the working hours. Thus, providing them a safe and comfortable working space.

The condensate hoods are normally attached to the ceiling above the steam equipment or dishwasher. In this way, the air can directly travel to the vents for better ventilation. However, other types of range hoods may differ in terms of installation and effectivity, such as undercabinet hoods, ductless hoods, downdraft hoods, and many more.

To provide our customers with the right ventilating equipment tailored-fit to their kitchen needs and layouts, we offer a broad range of condensate hoods that comes in a variety of sizes and styles. Most of them are constructed of different types of stainless steel – type 300 or 304. Both are high-quality materials, but type 304 can better withstand the steam and heat from commercial dishwashers and other steam-generated kitchen equipment. Other materials used are determined by the manufacturers.

The condensate hoods we supply are guaranteed easy to install and clean. To learn more about condensate hoods and other related offerings, browse our catalog now!