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Commercial Peeler

Commercial Peeler

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Commercial Peelers

Peel the fresh produce’s skin quickly and efficiently with our reliable fruit and vegetable peelers

The commercial peelers are the kitchen tool to use for safely removing the fruit and vegetable skins. We have an extensive selection of commercial peelers that are built to simplify the peeling process of any ingredients. This type of fruit and vegetable peelers is capable of peeling a high-volume of food in just a short period. Each peeling device is often designed for a specific type of ingredient. One of the popular choices is the potato peeler and it usually features a powerful peeling disc or blade. Stainless steel is the popular material choice for the blade due to its exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. But others use carbon steel blade because it possesses long-lasting sharpness. Other materials used are determined by the manufacturer.

With the garlic’s small size, peeling its skin off is time-consuming. Make it easy by getting our highly-functional garlic peeling machine! Most of our commercial peelers feature a heavy-duty stainless-steel unit. Its container has a spacious and easy-to-clean interior that is built with a variety of capacities. These vegetable cutters are easy to operate, all thanks to their featured intuitive controls. Connect them to their dedicated power receptacle, place all the fresh produce to peel in the container, then push the start button to operate.

To know more about the incredible and innovative features included per commercial peeler, browse our catalog now!