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Commercial Peeler Parts and Accessories

Commercial Peeler Parts and Accessories

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Parts and Accessories for Commercial Peelers

Maintain the peelers’ reliability by installing their compatible spare parts and accessories

The commercial peelers are an essential piece of kitchen equipment that allows the kitchen staff to remove the fruit and vegetable’s skin safely. Due to the peeler’s ability to process a sizable amount of food in a shorter period, it becomes the go-to kitchen tool to use in food preparation! These commercial peelers can only operate at their best condition if all their parts are properly maintained. Failing to do so can result in delays and risking the food and staff’s safety. If damages or malfunctions occur, replace them immediately with our high-quality and robust spare parts and accessories!

For our replacement parts, we only offer OEM and equivalent parts of various brands to ensure the peeler and its warranty are well-protected. A few of the peeler parts we supply are gaskets and seals, housing, and control switches. For the accessories, our collection ranges from peeler lids and belts to peeler disks and splash covers. All these parts and accessories are guaranteed durable and effective. They are also designed for easy installation.

Stocking up the appropriate peeler parts and accessories in the kitchen is a smart move because this will lessen the delays and downtime whenever a problem arises. To learn more about our commercial peeler parts and accessories, browse our catalog now!