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Commercial Blender and Food Blender

Commercial Blender and Food Blender

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Commercial Food and Drink Blenders

Prepare food and drinks swiftly and effortlessly with our reliable commercial blenders

Perform various food preparation tasks with absolute ease using our cutting-edge food blenders! For culinary establishments that are very particular with quality, creating world-class dishes isn’t enough. Now more than ever, effective and hygienic food preparation is just as crucial as the cooking process. We offer different types of commercial blenders that are versatile for creating various food and drink recipes such as thick soups, sauces, fruit purees, or even classy cocktails. Suitable for use on the bar countertop or kitchen table, these food and drink blenders are primed for regular and heavy-duty applications. They come with durable, transparent containers that give operators a clear view of the blending process. Made of materials like polycarbonate, copolyester, and Tritan plastic, these containers are virtually unbreakable, intrinsically clean, and guaranteed food-safe. They also require nothing more than warm, soapy water and non-abrasive pads for their cleaning and maintenance.

We carry standard-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty food blenders to cater to specific culinary needs. Containers may also come in small or extra-large sizes, with graduation marks in both liters and ounces for the accurate portioning of ingredients. To prevent tables or countertops from getting messy, most blender units come with spill-proof, airtight lids. Their control system can feature programmable settings, electronic control type, or include toggle or paddle switches. Regardless of the control configuration, each blender guarantees extremely fast blending and fully incorporated ingredients. Whether chefs are blending hard vegetables or mixologists are crushing ice, these units’ cutter assemblies would not easily break under the pressure. Some models even boast an automatic funneling technology that keeps ingredients at the bottom to ensure zero food waste.

Browse our catalog now and find highly innovative commercial food and drink blenders of various constructions and designs!