{"config":[],"description":"<p><b>Color-Coded Kitchen Supplies</b></p>\n\n<p>Get color-coded kitchen tools and perform the food preparation tasks safe and contaminant-free</p>\n\n<p>Safely prepare small to large batches of ingredients every day using only commercially-approved kitchen supplies! \n\nAn effective color-coding system is a smart solution to strengthen food safety and hygiene. Protecting the kitchen against contamination is one of its primary purposes. There are several ways to implement it, but the simplest is adding color-coded kitchen supplies. No matter what sizes or functions are needed, we got it all covered! We have an extensive selection of commercial kitchen supplies that are mostly dedicated to food preparation tasks and proper storage. From dough preparation to baking, our baking mats are the best kitchen tool to add! They usually made with a non-stick surface to reduce the use of flour when rolling out the dough and simplify the removal of food.</p>\n\n<p>Our selection of baking mats is made in an assortment of materials. All are heat-resistant and possesses practical indestructibility. Silicone is the popular material choice because of its added superior elasticity. No matter how much it is rolled in and out or folded, for easy and space-saving storing, it can retain its original shape. It's a plus that it can both endure various low and high temperatures, making them perfect for freezing and baking food products. The exact temperatures they can withstand are determined by the brand. Proper storage of the ingredients is a must to prevent costly food wastage. Separate them according to their types using our durable food storage containers.</p>\n\n<p>Robust plastic materials such as polypropylene are the standard material used for the food storage container’s construction. Not only it is highly resistant to tear and wear, but also maintains a lightweight. A pair of ergonomic handles are often added for comfortable and strain-free transportation. These are only a few of the commercial kitchen supplies we carry and they all come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. The meaning of the colors varies on the brand. But typically, the purple stands for allergen-free food, red for raw meats, and white for dairy products or baking applications.</p>\n\n<p>The color-coding system is not solely for food preparation and cooking applications. They can also be advantageous in setting a clear identification between the safe and critical zones of the operation and all its major control points. Explore our catalog now to learn more about the available commercial kitchen supplies we offer!</p>","detail_messages":[],"faceted_search_enabled":true,"facets":[{"display":"multi","facet":"Manufacturer","has_more_results":false,"is_product_option":true,"items":[],"items_count":10,"partial":"multi","selected":false,"show_more_toggle":false,"show_product_counts":true,"sort_order":"alphabetically","start_collapsed":false,"title":"Manufacturer","total_items":0,"type":"term","visible":true}],"id":4413,"image":null,"meta":[],"name":"Color-Coded Kitchen Supplies","products":[],"search_error":false,"selected":{"items":[],"remove_all_url":""},"show_compare":1,"state":[],"subcategories":[],"total_products":0,"url":"https://www.culinarydepotinc.com/color-coded-kitchen-supplies/"}
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Color-Coded Kitchen Supplies