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Cold Food Table

Cold Food Table

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Cold Food Tables

Keep the sides, entrées, and desserts perfectly chilled on our cold food display tables

Fruits, salads, and other cold desserts are best served when freshly chilled. Store them on a sturdy cold table to keep them fresh and contaminant-free! A cold food table plays a vital role in preventing food spoilage. Get the right type and size to assure the continuous serving of delectable food products to the guests. The cold tables we carry are designed to hold a variety of food pans. With the food pan’s spacious interior, they can hold small to large size of food products such as fruits, salads, and other chilled desserts. They are durable too! Rest assured they can withstand the cold temperature for long hours. They are perfect to safely display food entrees at buffets and other foodservice operations that have multiple meal options. Thanks to this setup, our cold food table gives the guests an excellent self-service experience.

The cold tables we supply are constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel. Stainless steel is a robust material that effectively prevents the cold from transferring outside of the equipment. It's a bonus that this material also provides the cold food table a sleek, professional look. This type of refrigerated buffet table is commonly located against the walls of the facility to keep it safely plugged in its dedicated wall outlets and prevent accidents to occur. This location is also convenient because it provides enough space for the dining tables and chairs.

Some products in our selection include casters for added mobility. These casters allow the staff to move the tables easily and follow the desired configuration. Additionally, these cold tables are easy to maintain and clean without the help of a professional. To find out more about our selection of cold food tables, check out our catalog now!