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Chip Warmers & Merchandisers

Chip Warmers & Merchandisers

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Chip Warmers and Merchandisers

Level up the countertop display with modern-style chip merchandisers

Invite guests to the establishment by increasing the quality of the food display! For foodservice operations such as concession stands and food courts, our chip warmers and merchandisers are the best food display and merchandising equipment to add! They mostly feature a robust and attractive exterior with attention-catching signs to boost their visibility. The signs are brightly-colored labels which effectively help in exciting guests with the delicious snacks that are readily available at the station. Moreover, these versatile signs can be installed at the front or back of the equipment to ensure maximum visibility. Our nacho chip warmers can also come with food lamps to illuminate the nacho chips and highlight their fresh and appetizing appearance. They are also efficient in keeping the chips warm, keeping their crispy and tasty quality intact.

Our line of chip warmers and merchandisers are constructed with stainless steel frames and clear glass panels. These glass panels allow the guests to appreciate the appetizing appeal of the chips from inside the unit. With their heavy-duty materials, these nacho chip warmers are guaranteed high quality and durable. Additionally, they are easy to clean. Chip warmers have an easy-open door, allowing the staff to serve the customers hassle-free and as quickly as possible. The amount of food these chip merchandisers can hold varies on the size of the equipment itself. Our catalog offers chip warmers and merchandisers in a variety of sizes and capacities. Other materials used are determined by the manufacturer.

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