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China Platters and Tray

China Platters and Tray

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China Platters and Trays

Get a decorative china serving platter and create an aesthetically pleasing food display

Match the special events with an attractive set of china platters and trays for serving delicious appetizers, refreshments, and desserts! Our high-quality china serving platters and trays are robustly constructed to possess superior durability, sanitation, and style. For this reason, every piece is suitable to use in both formal and informal dining setting. The standard china platters and trays feature a flat and shallow serving surface with a silky white color. They are commonly formed in a round, oval, and rectangular shape with a diameter ranging from 4 to 28 inches. Each shape and size are often representing the serving dishes’ functions. Small china platters and trays, with a 9-inch diameter square-shaped body, are ideal for serving small portions of food, relishes, and condiments. While the large platter and trays, with a 24-inch diameter oval-shaped body, are perfect for serving a generous size of roast meat with vegetables as a garnish.

Traditional style certainly will never go out of style. But a contemporary appearance is also a must-to-have style. These types of china platters and trays feature an assortment of colors, patterns, and edge and rim styles. All these serving dishes can be made of premium-quality materials such as bone china and porcelain. Bone china is a mix of porcelain and ash bone materials. Together, they provide the platters and trays more strength to withstand tear and wear. Porcelain is the strongest material used for china serving dishes. This is the reason it becomes perfect to use in the outdoor and casual dining environment.

Apart from durability, these materials boast great resistance to heat which is beneficial in making the china platters and trays microwave and oven safe. They can also be fully vitrified. This is a sophisticated process to further improve the serving dishes’ ability to resist breakage, odor, and bacteria. There are more types of china platters and trays in our catalog. Browse it now and explore all options!