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China Plates

Match the table setting style with the sophisticated beauty of the china dinnerware

The appearance of the dining table affects the customer’s dining experience. Make it functional and stylish by adding the right pieces of dinnerware! The color, size, and shape of the dinnerware can either make-or-break the overall style of the dining table. But this will never be the case for the china plates because their virtual aesthetic can complement all tabletop designs and styles. A smooth, milky white-colored body with a narrow or wide rim is the standard appearance given to these dining plates. Their simplicity makes them a perfect canvass for the chef’s master creations. Other designs available promotes a more contemporary look and feel. This is delivered by adding solid, vibrant colors and free form shapes to each china plate.

All the china dining plates are durably made of china clay. This is often added with other minerals for optimal solidity. It has a natural white, near to translucent color. Bone china is another handpicked material. This material is a combination of bone ash and porcelain to assure it will have a stronger ability to withstand daily tear and wear. When expertly formed the china plates, it will feature a thinner and lighter body. The porcelain is the strongest amongst the materials. This is the reason it becomes the preferred choice for a casual dining setting and catering operations. All these materials are heat-friendly, making them safe to use in the microwave, oven, and/or dishwasher.

Most dining plates can easily absorb odors, grease, and bacteria. The china plates can resist them all because all materials used for the construction are non-porous and fully vitrified. The latter is an innovative process that makes each plate stronger to resist damages, such as crazing and cracks. There are several types of china plates and one of the most popular is the dinner plates. This type of dinnerware typically featuring a round-shaped body with a diameter of 10-1/2 inches and a unique edge style. Serve any main course meal on it and it assures to elegantly present the meal to the guests! Other china dinner plates can feature 6 to 25 inches diameters.

For serving smaller portions of food, the china appetizer plates are the ideal type to add. It has a standard square or rectangular shape with a rolled edge style. Its entire surface can have a diameter ranging from 3 to 13 inches. Individually serving different types of small-portioned dishes promote clutter on the dining table. Organize it by getting the china appetizer plates with 2 to 6 compartments. There are more types of china plates in our catalog. Browse it now and explore all options! We also offer modern-designed china dining plates that are made of cement.