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China Cups, Mugs, and Saucer

China Cups, Mugs, and Saucer

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China Cups, Mugs, and Saucers

Serve the customer's favorite hot drink in style using a sturdy and elegant piece of a china mug

Most people give their day a jump-start by sipping a rich and hearty hot beverage. Improve it by serving their favorite drinks on a matching china cup, or mug, and saucer. The chinaware is the perfect addition to the dining table because it is constructed sanitary and durable. Not to mention, displaying a chic appearance. All these come from the top-quality materials and workmanship given on their construction. Bone china, porcelain, and ceramic are the traditional choice of materials used for china cups, mugs, and saucers. They often underwent an innovative vitrification process to enhance their durability and bacteria resistance. Aside from their impressive ability to withstand daily tear and wear, they are professionally handpicked because they are lightweight, malleable, and effective heat-resistance.

The malleability is an essential factor to achieve the desired shape for the china cups, mugs, and saucers. For the cups and mugs, they can be formed with different edge styles. The wavy curves of the scalloped edge add elegance to the drinkware. But the traditional beauty of the embossed edge will never go out of style. Other edge styles are determined by the brand. For the china saucers, there is two prominent edge styles available – wide and narrow rim. Both create an eye-catching frame for the china cups and mugs. Their only difference is the narrow rim offers more serving space, while the wide rim can collect more spillages.

Thanks to the effective heat resistance of the china cups, mugs, and saucers’ materials, they become safe to use in the commercial oven and microwave. This provides convenience in re-heating any drink quickly. Cut down the time in cleanup because most of the chinaware is also built dishwasher-safe. We also offer modern-designed china cups that are made of stoneware and cement. The stoneware often features a unique and rustic appearance which is ideal for serving Asian cuisines and complements to farm-to-table dining settings. While the cement china cups promote versatility. To know more about our complete selection of china cups, mugs, and saucers, visit our catalog now!