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China Bowl

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China Bowls

Complete the chinaware collection with elegant and functional bowl sets

Getting the right size and type of dishware are the key to make the food preparation tasks more effective and productive. We make it easy as we offer a huge selection of the best chinaware! The china bowl is one of the versatile pieces of chinaware that are designed to maintain portion control. They can efficiently deliver this because they come in different sizes and capacities. There are different types of china bowls available in our catalog where each is expertly constructed according to their functions. Serve delicious entrées, appetizers, and even main course dishes on a sturdy serving bowl. The china serving bowl is designed with a narrow or wide rim. The narrow rim is typically built with high thin walls for it to accommodate small to generous servings of liquid-based dishes, fresh fruits, salads, and alike. While the wide rim is ideal for serving pasta and main course dishes. These bowls have a usual capacity ranging from zero to 225 ounces. But we have a few china bowls that offer much larger sizes.

Sugar is one of the delicate ingredients in the kitchen. Once it exposes to air, it instantly begins to lose its flavor and harden as the molasses evaporates. Prevent potential food waste by storing the sugar in a china sugar bowl. This type of chinaware is mostly built with a capacity of 2 to 17 ounces and paired with an ergonomic-designed cover. But we also have a few sugar bowls that don’t include a lid on it. Another great addition to the back-of-the-house is the china mixing bowls. They feature a narrow rim with a smooth edge design. Porcelain is the preferred material for constructing this type of china bowl because it is the strongest and most durable. Therefore, it can withstand daily heavy use.

We also offer other china mixing bowls that are made of ceramic and fashioned with a spout for convenient transfer of mixed ingredients from one container to another. The mixing bowls usually come in 3 to 8 qt. of capacities and available in set. They are highly stackable for easy storing. All our china bowls are made safe to use in the oven, dishwasher, and/or freezer. View our catalog now to see our complete selection!