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Cheese Shakers, Sugar/Spice Shakers, and Dredges

Cheese Shakers, Sugar/Spice Shakers, and Dredges

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    Cheese Shakers, Sugar/Spice Shaker, & Dredges


Cheese Shakers, Sugar/Spice Shakers, and Dredges

Complete the prep station with food-grade condiment shakers

Make all the dry toppings and other condiments accessible to the guests by storing them on attractive shakers and dredges! Keeping all the ingredients and supplies accessible is indeed a smart solution to maintain the good workflow on the kitchen and self-service stations. Our seasoning shakers and dredges are the handy tools to use! All our products are made of food-grade materials to guarantee their safety to use for storing dry toppings and powdered-type of condiments. Glass is the popular material used because of its sophisticated appearance. Not to mention their excellent clarity makes it easy for the guests to quickly identify the contents. A glass sugar shaker is one of the sets we offer and they are perfect for completing the self-serving coffee station.

Plastic spice shakers and dredges are advantageous for creating a family-friendly table service. They are stronger and practically unbreakable compared to glass. But the most interesting strength of the plastic material is its ability to mimic the beauty of glass. This allows displaying any liquid condiments and dry toppings on the table with utmost elegance without the risk of breakage. A plastic cheese shaker is a great addition to the dining table. Casual dining table or bar, the stainless steel spice shakers and dredges are the best styles to add. All these materials have individually constructed the containers. They come in different sizes and capacities. Carry them from the condiment station to the dining table safely is possible because they are lightweight and may include a molded-in handle.

The seasoning shakers and dredges may include a perforated or slotted lid. This is designed with an easy Snap-On and off for convenient refilling. Each lid features a unique hole diameter to ensure they can deliver the content’s needs. Get to know more about our selection by checking our catalog now!

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