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Cash Register Stand

Cash Register Stand

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Cash Register Stands

Comfortably record customers’ transactions on a sturdy and space-efficient cash desk

Create an organized and convenient service counter to allow the staff to quickly process the customers' transaction. The cash register stand is the perfect addition! We carry a wide range of cash register stands that are available in different heights. The height usually ranges from 31 to 43 inches to assure accessibility. They can be made of stainless steel, high-density plastic, or wood composite. All possess long-term durability, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and can withstand daily tear and wear. Stylish colors are also added to make it more attractive. The standard cash register stands we offer feature all-welded stainless steel construction. This is expertly processed to form the wide top surface and storage cabinet.

The top surface of the cash register stand has 19 to 78 inches wide, approximately. This is intended to accommodate a large number of items and the cash register machine. Other model units that we carry also feature height-adjustable tray slides for added convenience and meet the necessary ADA standards for accessible design. These tray slides are designed to easily fold down. For the storage cabinet, the cash register stand can have a back end pull-out drawer or shelving. The drawers include a lock and key to strengthen its protection against theft. While the shelving may feature an open or enclosed design, both may contain one to multiple shelves (fixed or adjustable). The open design allows the staff to keep all their supplies within reach. The enclosed design features a solid door with lock and key.

Mobility is an important aspect of the cash register stand. Therefore, each unit is mounted with a set of heavy-duty casters. Swivel casters are the popular type used because it can rotate 360 degrees. Other features that can be added are brakes to provide stability when immobile, ball bearing for a quiet run, and non-skid. There are more incredible features included for our cash register stands. Browse our catalog now and discover the best style that matches the operation’s needs.