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Carving Station / Carving Shelves

Carving Station / Carving Shelves

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Carving Stations and Shelves

Get the best carving station to maintain all the delectable meats hot and ready to serve

Effectively cut the freshly cooked meat on a stylish and durable carving station! Most people eat with their eyes first. Satisfy their cravings for hot, savory meats by presenting them on a professional carving station while cutting them into perfection. We carry a wide range of carving stations and shelves that are constructed with a solid cutting board, heat lamp, and drip pan. The cutting board is traditionally made of wood because it can absorb the impact of the meat carving knife’s blade while preserving its sharpness. It’s a bonus that the wooden cutting board is easy to maintain and durable. Plastic such as polyethylene is another great material used for the cutting board. Its unbreakable property is comparable to the wood with the additional lightweight. It can also withstand continuous water exposure making it safe to use in the dishwasher.

The carving stations and shelves can keep the meats at a safe serving temperature because it comes with a heating lamp. The lamp can be securely attached with a fixed or flexible arm. From the name itself, the fixed arm is designed with a single, permanent position. The distance between the lamp and meat is safe enough to prevent it from drying out. While the flexible arm offers more positioning options which are ideal to meet the specific need of every meat and poultry. The heat lamp is completed with a heat shade, light bulb, and an electrical plug and cord. The entirety of the lamp and light bulb are available in different colors.

Cutting the meat can release all its savory juices and create a big mess on the food bar table. This won’t happen on our carving stations and shelves because it includes a drip pan. Metals such as aluminum are the popular materials used. It is expertly formed with high edges to contain the crumbs and spills in it. The size of the drip pan depends on the size of the cutting board. Most of the carving stations are designed with a countertop unit. But they are also available on mobile and stationary units. Both feature either an open or close base.

The carving stations and shelves we carry are perfect for front-of-house applications. Browse our catalog now to see our complete selection! We also offer compatible parts and accessories for each brand model.