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Cart Replacement Parts and Accessories

Cart Replacement Parts and Accessories

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Commercial Cart Replacement Parts and Accessories

Stock the operation with the right set of replacement parts to immediately repair any damaged components

Keep the commercial carts’ parts and accessories available to immediately replace any damaged parts. Delays can negatively impact the productive workflow of the operation. Prevent it to happen by keeping all the kitchen equipment and tools in good condition. For commercial carts, we carry a massive selection of parts and accessories where each is uniquely built according to their function. The materials used for construction are commercially-approved and durable. They can be formed in a variety of shapes and sizes to assure their reliability. Colors are often added for quick identification and enhancing the component’s beauty at the same time.

The commercial carts are specifically built to save time and labor in delivering any number of products or equipment from one destination to another. For this reason, we offer a wide range of casters that comes in different styles. The rigid style is the fixed and strongest type of caster. With its incredible durability, it becomes perfect to use for carts that carry heavyweight loads. In terms of maneuverability, the rigid caster can freely move in a straight floor line, forward and backward. Another style available is swivel. Flexibility is its strongest suit because they are designed to rotate at 360 degrees. Add this to any commercial carts and the staff is assured to have a comfortable drive and full control over it.

A collision between commercial carts and walls, furniture, or kitchen equipment is common to occur in the business premises. Protect them all from getting permanent markings and other damages by adding them a protective bumper. The bumpers available are made to install in the corners, front, or wraparound. Handles are another important component of the carts that provides convenience. We carry handles of various designs. There are more replacement parts and accessories available in our catalog. Check it now and learn more about our offers!