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Carpet Dryers / Air Blowers

Carpet Dryers / Air Blowers

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Air Blowers and Carpet Dryers

Get high-performance carpet cleaning equipment to guarantee sanitary and comfortable accommodation for valued guests

Keep the carpets clean and dry for the comfort of patrons and employees with our collection of robust air blowers and carpet dryers. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer a vast collection of commercial air blowers and carpet dryers that work on all kinds of floor surfaces and carpet textiles. Each cleaning equipment is designed to fully dry floor surfaces after being washed, scrubbed, polished, or mopped. They are also versatile to use in drying wall paints and cooling purposes. If establishments are looking to give the dining areas a deep clean but need them to be dried several minutes before operations, these commercial cleaning machines are the perfect device to use!

Each air blower or carpet dryer has a fan that can be set to various speeds and power. The angle at which air is distributed can also be adjusted to assure the floor and its surrounding areas are completely dry. The difference between the two is, the carpet dryers are engineered to use heat to prevent floors from becoming moldy. While the air movers work by speeding up the evaporation process with high-velocity airflow. Since these units are portable, they can be easily moved around wherever they are needed. Offered in various lengths widths, heights, as well as a unique set of control features, these industrial blowers promote safety and space-efficient storage.

Prevent injuries caused by wet floors or illnesses caused by mold-riddled carpets! Browse our catalog now and blow the competition out of the water by using our reliable air blowers and carpet dryers!