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Cappucino / Espresso Machines

Cappucino / Espresso Machines

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Espresso and Cappuccino Machines

Equip the beverage station with the best electric-powered espresso machines

Complete the customer’s day with a shot of freshly brewed espresso or turn it into a luscious cappuccino by adding steamed milk! All these functions can easily achieve with our professional-grade cappuccino and espresso machines. We carry a wide range of this type of commercial coffee machines that are engineered to operate with a variety of voltage ratings. Connect them on their dedicated receptacles and enjoy making great tasting cappuccino and espresso. Apart from electricity, the espresso and cappuccino machines also require a water supply. There are two model units available and one is designed for direct connection with the water source and the other has a pour-over design. The latter is the manual method of filling the water inside of its water tank. This type of coffee machine is commonly built with an all-metal unit for maximum durability and sanitation. They are completed with a hot water outlet, steam wands, heat exchange boiler, hoppers, and steam and pressure gauges. The components included may vary on the brand.

The cappuccino and espresso machines are available with semi-, super, and fully automatic functions. Their primary difference is focused on the control system. Each control system allows the operator to dispense precisely and quickly, preventing over- or under-pouring. Though they are built differently, they still provide excellent results with minimum time spent. Not to mention, it can dispense the hot drinks at the right serving temperatures. This coffee machine comes with 1 to 3 dispensers with knobs and can serve 32 to 720 cups per hour. A cup clearance is usually delivered between the dispenser heads and serving base for safe and efficient dispensing.

Durable, functional, and attractive! With the cappuccino and espresso machines’ sleek and eye-catching body, they are perfect to use for both front and back of house operations. These are only a few of the many incredible features and designs available in our catalog. To know more about our great offers, browse our catalog now!