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Commercial Can Crushers

Get a quality can crusher to prevent overflowing the waste bin

A messy and overflow recycle bin is an eyesore. The commercial can crusher is a handy tool to use to lessen the amount of recyclable waste in the trash bin. We carry a wide range of can crushers and they all come in different sizes and designs. All the crushers feature an all-stainless-steel construction. Most of them are fashioned with a cabinet and a crusher box. The standard can crusher available is manually operated. In just one or two strokes, it can easily flatten all sizes of open cans. We offer three model designs for the manual can crusher and their only difference is the installation type. The heavy-duty unit must be mounted on a reinforced table. If there is no available space on the table, the manual can crusher can either be mounted on the wall or floor.

We also supply modern-designed crushers. One of the model unit available is air powered. With its powerful operation (85 P.S.I. minimum), it can crush up to 1,000 open cans per day. Compared to the manual can crusher, the air-powered unit can easily operate with just one push of a button. This is available in two sizes. The larger size is engineered to crush taller international cans. Another great option is the electric can crushers. The main operation of this recycling tool is similar to the air-powered unit. Its only difference is, it uses a hydraulic to crush the empty cans. Once the cans are crushed, it will automatically drop the cans into the waste bin.

These are only a few of the many features available for the commercial can crushers. Check our catalog now to know more about our offers!