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Cake Decorating Supplies

Cake Decorating Supplies

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    Cake / Pastry Decorating Tools


Cake Decorating Supplies

Stock the operation with right set of cake decorating tools and supplies and create the ultimate decoration for the cakes

Mark every occasion with a gorgeous, delectable cake! Make it happen by getting our complete high-quality cake decorating supplies. The supplies we carry for cake decorations range from tools and accessories designed to professionally deliver any designs desired, from basic decorations to the most intricate. If the designs require a flat surface, our cake levelers are the handy tool to get. This is made with a steel frame, adjustable steel wire, two feet, and a handle. The feet are either equipped with rubber or plastic caps for stability. The caps also prevent to leave unpleasant marks or scratches on the worktable. The handle is positioned at the center of the frame. This is added by molding it in or adding colorful plastics for a comfortable grip.

Decorating a cake mostly begin in adding frosting or fondant. Apply a perfectly smooth and even layer of frostings with the help of our cake frosting tools. The icing spatulas are the standard choice of tool because of its blade design. With its flat and long narrow metal blade, it can spread the frostings neatly. It is also furnished with a slightly bent design which is great for polishing the edges for the frostings to follow the shape of the cake. The icing spatulas’ blade comes in straight and offset styles.

Make the frosting application easier by adding a cake turntable. This is a type of cake spinner built with a flat working surface on top and a revolving stand. Most of our cake turntables feature a non-slip pad to provide a better grip on the cake boards. A plastic base is also provided to maintain the turntable’s stability and prevent it from sliding whenever in use. For added convenience, we also carry a few cake spinners with a tilt-n-turn mechanism. This is ideal to use for creating 3D decorations.

The fondant smoothers are one of the cake decorating supplies available for shaping fondant. From the name itself, it is used to flatten the fondant to remove any imperfections. The standard fondant smoother we carry is built with a flat, rectangular shape base with an ergonomic handle. But other smoothers feature a base with a rounded front to easily smoothen out all the curves of the cake. Our cake decorating supplies are not limited to these cake decorating tools and accessories. To know more about our offers, view our catalog now!

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