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Cafeteria and Buffet Line Equipment

Cafeteria and Buffet Line Equipment

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Cafeteria and Buffet Line Equipment

Equip the operation with advanced cafeteria line equipment to keep the serving line organize

Keep the guests happy and satisfied by cutting the time spent on waiting lines! The key is to get the proper set of serving line equipment that can beautifully display the food while making the line flow productive. We have a wide range of food serving line equipment and most of them are specially built for cafeteria and buffet-style operations. They are built heavy-duty to assure they can withstand the daily rough use. Also, they are available in stationary and mobile units. The stationary units are perfect for operations that permanently offer cafeteria or buffet style serving lines. While the mobile units are most advantageous for cafeteria/buffet operations that only operate seasonally or require regular transport. The mobile cafeteria and buffet line equipment are often constructed with a compact unit and a flexible set of casters.

Beautifully present the scrumptious dishes to easily pique the guest's interests. Deliver it by adding our sturdy food tables. The standard design available has a solid metal top and an open base. These are perfect for dishes that are not temperature-sensitive. A double-sided sneeze guard may also be added to protect the food from getting contaminated. The body of the food tables comes in different colors to make it more attractive. With its robust construction, the food serving tables are suitable to use for indoor and outdoor settings. The food table is also available with an enclosed base.

There are dishes that are best served hot. Maintain them at their best serving temperature by adding banquet tables with an induction top. These are usually including an undershelf to keep all the supplies organize and within reach. Pamper the guests even more by serving them directly the food they are craving for. We carry a wide range of food and beverage service carts that are durably constructed with an ergonomic handle, frames are securely connected to the main body, and a set of casters for mobility. A few of the beverage carts we offer also feature a refrigeration system to perfectly chill all the beverages stored in it.

There are more cafeteria and buffet line equipment included in our catalog. Check them all now! We also carry OEM spare parts and accessories from various brands.