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Butter Dishes / Servers

Butter Dishes / Servers

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Butter Dishes

Serve the butter in style using our sophisticated pieces of butter dishes

Serve to impress! Outfit the dining tables with the proper set of servingwares that matches the tabletop’s design. The tabletop’s design represents the operation’s style. Every piece of dinnerware and utensils are important to complement each other. Condiments may not be the main highlight of the table, but it still worth serving it on a professional-looking dish. For serving chilled butter, our butter dishes are the best one to get! Each of these dishes is artistically crafted in different shapes and sizes. The glass butter dish is the standard type used in commercial operation. Its see-through feature adds elegance to the tabletop and can easily fit in on all table designs.

Classic-designed butter dishes are one type that will never go out of style! These dishes are made purely from high-quality porcelain and alike. The porcelain butter dish has a clean, flawless texture that normally features a white color. For added convenience, their beautiful form is completed by making them safe to use in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher. If the style to achieve is contemporary, the plastic-made butter dishes are the best servingware to get! Melamine is the popular material used because it is BPA-free and can strongly withstand a specific high-temperature. It is also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Due to its reliable resistance to breaks, it becomes ideal to use around children. The melamine butter dishes are available with light and dark colors.

These are only a few of the beautiful pieces of butter dish in our catalog. See our complete selection by checking our catalog now!