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Butane Cooking Torch

Butane Cooking Torch

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Butane Torches

Finish the dessert with a beautiful caramelized sugar on top using a handy blow torch

No one can resist a scrumptious dish matched with a stunning presentation. Create the most appetizing finish using the best butane torch! We carry a wide range of butane torch that is built with a one-hand operational design. It is typically composed of a torch head, ergonomic base, and a built-in fuel tank. The torch head is engineered with a piezo or push-button ignition. Both are reliable in providing continuous flame. The only advantage of the piezo ignition is it can be built with an adjustable flame that provides maximum control over the heat.

The butane torches we carry have a standard burn time of 30 minutes per butane can. But there are a few cooking torches that can last up to 3 hours and release a maximum temperature of 2,192°F. This is perfect for searing the meat’s exterior, creating a beautiful char finish, and alike. Easily monitor the fuel level is possible by getting the butane torch with a fuel gauge.

The butane torch we supply is fully packed with safety features. A safety switch and an anti-flare device are the usual features included on the cooking torch. They may be constructed differently but they both ensure that the flame is under control. Accidentally turning it on is highly prevented because we carry butane torches with a safety lock. A heat shield is a smart addition to save the operator from burning their fingers.

All the butane torches’ features, designs, and outputs are always determined by the brand. Browse our catalog now to see our complete selection of cooking torches!