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Bus Tubs and Bus Boxes

Bus Tubs and Bus Boxes

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Bus Tubs and Bus Boxes

Provide the dishware a durable storage bin to protect them against breaking

Clear out the table and gently place all the dirty dishes on a strong and sanitize bus tubs! Our collection of bus tubs and bus boxes features a robust plastic construction. As a standard design, these containers are formed with rectangular and square shapes and comes in a variety of colors. The colors are purposely added for quick identification. The purpose of each color is determined by the brand. But usually, the shade of violet is dedicated for allergen-free food and dishes. A pair of ergonomic-designed handles is built on the two opposite sides of the container. This will allow the staff to easily and comfortably carry it from the dining area to the kitchen.

ABS plastic is the common type of plastic used for constructing the bus tubs and bus boxes. It can strongly resist impact, stain, and scratches. These containers feature a solid base with rounded corners. Combining the plastic’s smooth surface and corners’ design, it makes the bus tubs and boxes easier to clean. We also supply bus boxes and tubs that are made from high-density polyethylene and polypropylene. Aside from exceptional strength, the polyethylene containers also possess a strong resistance to chemicals. They feature two bottom designs – solid and perforated. The perforations are purposely added to allow the water to drain quickly. With its unique and effective ability, these containers become ideal to use for rinsing ingredients and thawing meats.

These are only a few of the many designs available for the bus tubs and bus boxes. To know more about our offers, browse our catalog now! The compatible accessories for each brand are also included in our catalog.

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